If you’re Stress..

– Have a cup of tea

– Watch a film

– Watch TV

– Read a Book

– Listen to some music

– Play computer games

– Have a phone call with your mum/mates/partner

– Do some baking

– Watch youtube videos

– Read some blogs (especially mine!)

– Go on Tumblr and have a rant there

– Go and look on Pinterest

– Have a ranty FB Status (providing you got the person blocked or unable to see it!)

– Go swimming

– Do an activity like walking

– Paint your nails

– count down from 10

– Have a relaxing bubble bath with scented candle

– Do some exercise

– Eat a cupcake

– Go to Starbucks/Costa/Coffee shop

– Start a blog

– sleep

But whatever you do

– Don’t take it out on the person who is trying their best at trying to please someone.

Don’t start having a temper tantrum and stat walking around like a bull in a China shop.

Don’t start yelling at people who is completely innocent and is trying their hardest.

Don’t degrade the person to make them feel awful about themselves.

Don’t let work ruin you life – you only live once and it should not ruin your life.

Don’t project your stress on other people, it better to keep the situation calm.

For a long time, I thought I was the problem – now I realize I’m not and someone is putting all their stressful energy in putting me down – it not worth it, move on and realize their are other way to diffuse your stressful mood.

I hope anyone who is having a stressful time at the moment this have helped them. If you are – my inbox is always open.


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