What a girl to do when all she wants in the big wide world is a yellow dress to wear for the summer. Here is my tale of a yellow dress for summer.

I went through this phrase a few years ago where all I wanted – in the whole big wide world – was a nice yellow dress for summer. I have no idea where this idea came from. It like I woke up one morning and thought, ‘I want a yellow dress for summer and I want one now!’.

So I hunted up and down the high street trying to find that one yellow dress – the yellow dress of my dream. I wanted one that will bring out the sunny glow, not one that will make me look like yellow bland mess.

I talked about finding my dreamy yellow dress so much, my husband told to shut it as he was getting bored with me talking about it all the time. Those I can’t blame the guy, when something popped in my head – I do become completely obsessed.

One day while not necessarily on my hunt, I popped into Topshop to buy some essential items. It was there – I saw that dress I have been on the hunt for.

That special, unique, one of a kind yellow dress that have been my obsession for god know how long. It like the fashion gods smiled down at me and answered my pray. Horary.

Without questions I grabbed it off the rail and brought it. I didn’t care if it bankrupted me or I wouldn’t have enough money for the month. Nothing else matter but this one yellow dress.

God you must think I’m crazy!

It was a satin stripy yellow midi dress that has a gorgeous bow. My husband said it look childish but what do men know about fashion!

I got home and I tried it on. It fit me perfectly and I now knew how Cinderella must felt with the glass slippers.

Like all good fairy tale, there a little bit of sadness coming. I didn’t notice it at first. It was my husband who noticed it. Oh my heart still break while typing this out.

There was a loose thread that started small, but soon grew and grew and before you knew it – the whole dress was coming undone.

What a bloody disaster. Oh my god! How I cried my heart out.

I took it back to Topshop and got a refund but – there was no more in stock in my size. It has all sold out.

Play me the violin as that was a bad day.

Since then I have been on the EBay hunt to find that one dress again. Even now a few years later, I still browse just hoping that someone have put that yellow dress on sale.

Looking back, I can’t help but think it was stupid to get all my hopes on one dress. The fashion gods weren’t really smiling down at me – or were they.

I was browsing Asos this weekend, doing what I like to call ‘blog research’. Or perhaps a better title would be, ‘how Anna can spend her money’.

I don’t know what make me filter the choices of dress to yellow.  But I did and I was able to view all the dresses available in yellow.

I wasn’t really expecting much, but as I was scrolling there one dress that made me gasp in surprise.

This Candy Stripe Bow Front Mini Dress was just like the dress from before. The only different was that it was little longer in length and has straps.

But It near enough the exact copy of my last yellow dress. It was fate – it was meant to be.

Horary! There is a happy ending after all and there a moral to this story. No really, there is.

If you wish hard enough, the fashion gods will be smiling down at you. So never give up trying to find your perfect dress. It’s out there – you just need to know where to look.

And that conclude my tale of a yellow dress for summer. Let me know if you’re on the hunt for a yellow dress for summer.

yellow dress for summer