I brought these trouser from Primark last week and since then I have been unsure on them. When I saw them in the shop I loved the pattern and the silk softness of it, without a second thought I brought them, however it was only when I got home I kind-of had second thoughts. Richard thoughts they were pyjamas bottom when I shown him it – no I brought them in the trouser section, I think I would know the different. It just a really nice lounging around trouser and I thought it was unique, quirky and quite pretty, but would I be brave enough to wear around when I’m doing my shopping? See this is where me being unsure come into play here, I think they are perfect for holiday wear or lounging around at home; I don’t think I would wear it to do my food shop?

So folks yay or nay on the trouser and would you wear them and if so where?

Yay Or Nay on Trouser

Yay Or Nay on Trouser

Close up of the trouser



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Yay Or Nay on Trouser

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