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work with me is a uniquely and somewhat quirky fashion women’s lifestyle blog for the young woman. The blog aimed to be visually stylish, as well as being informative and entertaining at the same time. It’s targeted at the demographic of 18-40-year-old women who are enjoying experimenting with various fashion styles and lifestyle choice while always being conscious with their well-being. The young women’s reading my blog are conscious of their appearance and wanting the latest fashion trends but don’t have the budget to splash out on expensive designer brands, choosing instead to shop online and find the best high- street fashion trends at a discounted price.

Website Stats 10k
Facebook: 400+ followers
Twitter: 1.7k
Instagram: 550
Bloglovin: 1.1k
Pinterest: 1.9k
DA: 30

Sponsored Posts
I’m happy to publish a sponsored post on here. The money from here helps justify the amount of time I spend blogging and not enough time doing my household chore. Please note for sponsored post It will be me who does the writing. No guest posting.
If you are a company or organisation that would like me to write/publish a sponsored post for you, please email me for my reasonable rates.


I will be accepting brands collaboration and sponsored contents on my Instagram. With my background in digital marketing, I understand the importance of getting seen online. I can help put your brand in front of hundreds of new potential customers. I’m happy to work with you, as long as it’s something I believe in. I do have a fee, which helps me create fresh and new exciting contents. I do reserve the right to refuse any brand collaborations offer, especially if it doesn’t follow my Instagram theme.

On my Instagram stories, I’m happy to covers:

  • Press event
  • Bloggers event
  • New products releases
  • Travel Accommodation
  • Restaurants/ Cantering services

My Instagram will include a mixture of stories and IGTV.  I will be posting videos and photos, but please note I will not be doing a sit down talking video as I hate the sound of my voice on a video.

A few Rules:

  •  I do not accept guest post – I write all articles.
  • Any free products sent to me for review, I do charge. I do not accept free products for ‘free’.
  • I do not work for free. For my service on my Instagram and blog, there is a fee.
  • I reserve the right to turn down a collaboration, especially if it doesn’t fit with my Instagram and blog.
  • I can only do ‘limited’ videos. Please note I will not be speaking in the video.
  • I’m based in the UK so please consider that for your business venture when applying.
  • I also only accept English speaking collaboration. The majority of my readers are English speaking.
  • No spamming your blog/website in the comments section, you will be banned instantly.
  • I will not accept tagging – there’s a permanent banned.


Contact Me for Detailed Demographic stats and my media pack:

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