work with me As from August 2019, I’m no longer accepting Sponsored post or brands collaboration on here. I will instead be focusing on my Instagram. This means that this blog is currently on hiatus as I put my 100% focus on my Instagram. I will not be updating this blog for a while.

Yes, I’m hanging up my blogger hat and putting on a new Instagram one. I’m moving over to Instagram, where I will be writing and photographing the majority of original contents.


I will be accepting brands collaboration and sponsored contents on my Instagram. With my background in digital marketing, I understand the importance of getting seen online. I can help put your brand in front of hundreds of new potential customers. I’m happy to work with you, as long as it’s something I believe in. I do have a fee, which helps me create fresh and new exciting contents. I do reserve the right to refuse any brand collaborations offer, especially if it doesn’t follow my Instagram theme.

On my Instagram stories, I’m happy to covers:

  • Press event
  • Bloggers event
  • New products releases
  • Travel Accommodation
  • Restaurants/ Cantering services

My Instagram will include a mixture of stories and IGTV.  I will be posting videos and photos, but please note I will not be doing a sit down talking video as I hate the sound of my voice on a video.

A few Rules:

  • My hiatus on here still apply the same rule I do not accept guest post – I write all articles.
  • Any free products sent to me for review, I do charge. I do not accept free products for ‘free’.
  • I do not work for free. For my service on my Instagram, there is a fee.
  • I reserve the right to turn down a collaboration, especially if it doesn’t fit with my Instagram.
  • I can only do ‘limited’ videos. Please note I will not be speaking in the video.
  • I’m based in the UK so please consider that for your business venture when applying.
  • I also only accept English speaking collaboration. The majority of my readers are English speaking.
  • No spamming your blog/website in my personal message box on Instagram, you will be banned instantly.
  • I will not accept tagging – there’s a permanent banned.


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