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Winter Wellness Tips

by Anna Nuttall

The middle of winter is never great, particularly when the chilly air freezes you to your bones. It can be not only hash on your skin – but also on your mind. Here are a few winter wellness tips.

Winter is a time when it can be easy to forget about looking after ourselves. I’m so guilty of this, I must say. I think (and hopefully I’m not alone in thinking this) during the chilly seasons, we all wish to hibernate and comes back out at spring. During the winter season, we tend to revert to unhealthy habits and often forgo going to the gym, yup, another thing I’m so guilty of.

However, while winter isn’t great for the skin and our mind, it does have the potential to give a much-needed reset button. I have found that winter can rejuvenate us and also provide time for some TLC healing.

I have come up with a few winter wellness tips that have been helping me during the chilly season. As I have got older, I have found myself needing to focus on my skin more and also on my mind. This personal wellness focus does help me keep the clog running all years round.

Drink more water.

I know I have written before the importance of drinking water, but It is surprising how people still need to be told. The chilly frost like to cause all kind of problems for the skin, so it a need with ourselves to keep being hydrated. And when I’m saying drink more water, I’m not talking about reaching for a hot drink either. While, drinking hot beverages can be tempting, it still doesn’t do you any good. Hot beverages can dry out your skin even more. The same with drinking soda, which I’m guilty of. Soda and hot drinks don’t do you any good. If you do need to have a hot drink while outside freezing yourself, have a flask of hot water on hand as hot water is supposed to have all kind of benefits.

Invest in an Aromatherapy Diffuser.

For Christmas, I received an aromatherapy diffuser and it the best thing since sliced bread. I love it. What makes it so good is that I believe this helps me avoid the dreaded flu bug. The aromatherapy diffuser disposes of vapour of essential oils smokes into the air, and the belief is, that this supposed to keep any germs or bacteria away. The aromatherapy diffuser does help your mood and also make your room smells amazing.

Give yourself a eucalyptus steam shower.

This work very much like the aromatherapy diffuser. Get a large bowl with boiling water and pore in a few drops of eucalyptus oils, and the steam from the shower will work as a diffuser. Now I tried this with my husband while he was ill a few weeks back and it works like a charm. I also have experienced a steamy eucalyptus shower in a spa once. This will clear any sinus issue, and I always find eucalyptus clear my mind from a headache.


Prince Harry recently spoke how he now mediate and how it has helped him. So when life gets busy and stressful, spend 5 minutes to meditate. I use a handy app for this, it called Calm and it so calming to use.  There is a section on the app that teaches you how to meditate and also provide peaceful music to have as background music.

Don’t gore on junk foods.

It can be so tempting to get a takeaway every night as you don’t feel like cooking. But Junk foods will not do you any good. It will make you feel bloated, make your skin greasy and you will be having but regret afterwards.  Remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Yes, so forgo the junk foods and instead try to use the time to eat healthily. Recently I made myself butternut squash soup, which is such a comforting warming winter meal. Use the winter months to have an excuse to cooks.

Those were my winter wellness tips, do you have any to add?

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1 comment

Gayle Macdonald 7th February 2019 - 1:48 pm

A lovely post Anna with some great tips. I do meditate but must admit to drinking a lot of tea and not enough water! Thank you.


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