Why You Should Book a Ski Holiday to Escape the Summer Heat

With summer coming to an end, and we are still in the midst of the summer heat grips. I’m ready to take things more chilled. Here is why you should book a ski holiday to escape the summer heat.

I was talking to someone Twitter last week about wanting things more chilled. When I say things, I mean the weather and the great summer temperature. I don’t know about you but I’m so ready to for Autumn. I’m so over this summer heat. I’m actually looking forward to hot chocolate, cosy jumpers and long dark evening.

All this wishful thinking of cosy chilled autumn day makes me nostalgic for when I went travelling throughout Europe in the middle of Winter. And yes, a lot of places – such as Norway was freezing cold. The stupid thing I did was not investing in a warm jacket, I just used my everyday parka. I should have invested in warmer clothes – but I didn’t and that makes me stupid.  So I got cold in a lot of places, but having hot chocolate and wearing 10 layers of clothes did help.

Anyway, talking of travelling during winter and being cold. If like me and so over the summer period, then why don’t you book a ski holiday to escape the summer heat.

It sounds like a silly concept but there is a logic behind the madness.

Well for one, you can invest yourself in some lovely ski wear that will not only keep you warm throughout the holiday – but also in winter. And if you think ski wears are boring dull clothes that have no style – oh my friend you are so wrong.

Another reason, you still get the sun – but in theory, it wouldn’t be so bleary hot. So if you hate grey skies, but love the sun and blue sky then a ski holiday should suit you.

Ski holiday has always appealed to me, due to me thinking that I would spend the day skiing and then come back to my lodge and warm up in a hot tub or have a luxury spa treatment.

Though the likely hood of me actually skiing is pretty slim – put it this way folks I have enough trouble putting one foot in front of the other while walking.

I still like the idea of skiing holiday, as I like the idea of perhaps hiking in the mountains or just perhaps spending time outside taking photos of breath-taking views. Anything riskier and you’re talking to the wrong girl!

With a ski holiday, you often can book an all-inclusive where all your skiing lesson, accommodation, food and any spa treatments are included in the price. So often you don’t really need to pay anything extra. This is a good deal if you don’t want to go overboard with your budget.

Now I know what you’re thinking, it all well and good talking about ski holiday during the summer months – but skiing season is only on during the winter months.

Nope, you are wrong with that assumption. On our first Europe travels we went to St Moritz in Switzerland and we were pleasantly surprised that there were a few skiers around.  Yes, there was still snow around – not much but it did cover a few of the mountains.

While we were there we travelled on the Glacial Express and got up close to the mountains around St Moritz.

I’m going off topic, but the point is – you can still go skiing during the summer months. It really is a year-round holiday, it just more prominent during the winter.

There are plenty of resources and information available online if booking a ski holiday seem daunting. You don’t even need to go to a travel agent, simply look at a skiing specialist holiday website such as Crystal Ski Holidays and start your planning from there.

In summary, you have no excuse not to book a ski holiday – especially during the summer months when all you want is to escape the heat. You still can get you sun and blue skies. And also be fashionable with ski clothes. If budgeting a problem, then look into an all-inclusive deal where everything you need is included.

So will you be booking a ski holiday to escape the summer heat?


(Written for simplyhike.com)

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Why You Should Book a Ski Holiday to Escape the Summer Heat

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