Why there is no place like home when you’re a homebody

If I were to describe my personality, I would say I’m a complete homebody. I’m not someone who enjoys going out or partying. Get me in my comfy pyjamas, and I’m as happy as Larry.

There is no place like home when you’re a homebody like me. Now some might call it an ‘antisocial personality disorder’. But seriously do we even need to give people who are a homebody a name, a disorder’?

No. As I’m writing this, it raining outside and I’m in my comfy pyjamas. I’ve just eaten my dinner, and when I’m done here, I’m going on Netflix. I feel so home and comfortable right now that I just don’t want to lose that feeling. Just because I’m happy in my little homey nest doesn’t mean I have an antisocial personality disorder, I’m just enjoying my home.

When your home, it more than putting on comfy pyjamas and sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. Home is really where the heart is. Well, it is for me. Inside the home, you can just be yourself. If you want to act like a slob – then go ahead. There is no one around to judge you – so go right ahead.

For me, as a homeowner, I spent a fortune buying this place and designing how I like it – why the hell do I want to spend my money and time outside, away from the home? Going to pubs, or having a night out is expensive. Ok sure this is London and doing anything is expensive. But I just see it as a waste of money, not a complete waste of time as I do enjoy going out. But if I have to choose – home or out, I think you know which one I choose.

At home, you don’t have to worry about the crowds or the noise. It can be as peaceful as you wish it to be.

For me, once I closed my front door, I forget about the outside world. I draw the curtains and cocoon myself in my own little nest. I can breathe easily and rest peacefully.

What do you think?

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