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Why I’m turning into a Cat Person

by Anna Nuttall

When I was younger, I was always a dog person. However, as I got older, I have found myself loving cats, and this is why I’m turning into a cat person.

There seems to be this stupid division where you are either a dog person or a cat lover. When I was younger, it was a question that was tossed around quite a lot, which do you prefer – cats or dogs? And if you answered both, the kids would laugh at you and tell you that you can’t be both, because that is stupid.

Kids back in those days and was stupid.

Anyway, I would always answer that I’m a dog person as at the time I had two lovely dogs and I was a little bit scared of cats. Now cats people would laugh at me and go, ewww dogs are gross. As I said, kids were stupid back in the day.

I would try to reason that yes, I was scared of cats and I just prefer my gentle nature dogs. Well, it was true, I did use to be afraid of cats and as I said, my two dogs at the time was so gentle and quiet, that I found myself not understanding cat’s dynamic.

It also didn’t help that my mum was scared of cats and was very much a dog person. She would hiss if the neighbour’s cats came into our garden and refused to be near one at a person house.

So yes, that did reflect back at me. I also couldn’t understand cats in general as there dynamic is so different from a dog. I never knew if a cat wanted me to stroke them as you would with a dog, or if they wanted to play with them like a dog. If I encounter a cat, it would a standoff with a cat not really knowing what to do first.

That how it was for me while growing up, but that all change as I got older, where I found myself falling head over heel in love with cats.

And I blame the internet. Well, got to blame it on something, haven’t I?

Let be honest the internet was made for cats’ videos.

When I got with Richard (who I must say is neither a dog or a cat person – the scandal!), we bunked for a while at his brother girlfriend place, and they had two cats.

I only bunked there for a short time, but it was enough to melt my ice cold heart on cats. Every morning they would sit on the kitchen table and watch me eat my breakfast, they would purr at the sight of me and would follow me everywhere.

That what did it, folks. I found myself being a cat person.

Now around this time, what also helps is that my sister soon got herself a little kitten. Nothing melts the heart more than watching a little kitten grow up.

Over the years I just found myself encountering more cats than dogs. It like the universe is trying to send me a message.

So yes, what I’m trying to say is – I’m now more of a cats’ girl. Watching cats’ videos is hilarious and it what the internet is all about.

Cats seem to have a different kind of dynamic and personality than a dog; They like to silence observe you and will hunt anything that moved, a cat can be openly affections by sitting on your lap and at the same time being the leader of the pack and the alpha boss of a household.

If I have to choose to get a pet, I think you would know what I would choose. But the likely hood of me owning a pet is pretty slim as there a no pet policy where I live, and we are not going to be moving anytime soon.

But I can easily see myself as an old lady in a cottage, and it will be filled with cats. My husband better watch out.

One day recently while spending an afternoon watching cats’ videos and getting up to date on some of favourite feline Instagram accounts (grumpy cat anyone?), I decided that I need to get to get my cats fixed – so I decided to visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the only cats café in London.

Now I have covered this café in the past. But If you’re a crazy cats’ person than this is the place to visit. It was lovely as ever, there nothing better than to have red velvet cake while being surrounded by cats. To see videos and photos from my recent visit, head over to my Instagram to take a look.

That was the tale of why I’m turning into a cat person. Now I have to ask, are you a dog or a cat person? I won’t judge.

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1 comment

Karen 27th February 2019 - 3:01 pm

I am both a car and dog person. Had a dog when I was younger and got a kitten 25 years ago. I do a lot of pet sitting these days for my family’s pets!


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