not a serious fashion blogger

The great thing about fashion blogging is seeing what a blogger wear and being visible in the blogosphere. But I’m not like that. Why I’m not a serious fashion blogger.

I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, I really don’t. I like to dabble in it and poke fun at it. But in all honesty, I don’t really take it all too seriously.

I think the reason why I don’t take it too seriously; the whole fashion blogging malarkey is because I just can’t take myself serious. I think it all boiled down to the fact I don’t look like a stereotypical beautiful fashion blogger; I’m in fact a squash jelly beans that have around apple figure and wear size 2 shoes.

So hence why I tend to dabble in it and just poke fun at it. Just due to the fact I’m not a stereotypical fashion blogger. When I do outfit posts, trust me I’m not posing like I’m the best style queen ever. Ha! I’m usually in front of a camera posing in what feels comfortable for me. In a lot of my photos, I’m making silly faces and just generally being a complete loon.

I have been around fashion bloggers where they do indeed take it very seriously. The lighting must be right, must steam the clothes and must never forget to tag the brand. There nothing wrong with that, but the one thing I did notice while observing how real fashion bloggers work (not like me who is a squash jelly bean), is how time effort it is.

Maybe they have better patience than me – but I don’t have the time to sit around doing a lot of preparation. I prefer it being spontaneous.  I say this also as it often my husband who is the guy behind the camera and together we bounce off each other. We tend to prefer being spontaneous and often don’t make much preparation.

The thing I have noticed is when observing fashion bloggers, is not just the seriousness of it. But how they want to be visible both on the blogosphere and just generally with the media (online and off-line). They want to be ‘insta-famous’. And once again, they nothing wrong with that. It just makes me realize – I’m not like that. I tend to prefer to keep a low profile and also I do realize that a squash jelly bean like me would never be picked up by big publication. And that is ok, as it means I can connect with you guys – the readers on a more personal level.  I said this before, I always visualize a coffee shop and we just have a chat.

On my last note and talking about connecting with readers. Another thing I have noticed is labels. This is what I think is the pinnacle of why I’m not a serious fashion blogger is just because I still wear high street names – not big designer labels. I think my husband would kill me (actually would kill me) if I came home with £600 handbags or splashed out on a grand worth of Prada clothes. So I prefer wearing clothes from Oasis or Topshop. I’m sure, many of you are in the same boat as me – who has a partner in which they would kill you for splashing out on a big expensive purchase and just prefer high street names.

Overall what I’m getting at, I’m not a serious fashion blogger. I’m just having fun and wearing clothes that on some level that I like to think that perhaps you may want to connect with and perhaps you may want a certain look or style for yourself.

When I do outfits post, I honestly just have fun and I think that what fashion blogging should be about. I’m not into big preparation or taking it too seriously. I just do it in the moment and just accept who I am. It about connecting with you guys and being completely real. Isn’t it better to be completely real – then having a fake persona online? A question you can answer in the comment box. And that is why I’m not a serious fashion blogger.