Why I love Twitter

If I had to choose one social media to use, I would choose Twitter. Here is why I love Twitter and why I’m a tweeting idiot.

I’m a tweeting idiot, there I said it. It only recently that I discovered that I was, in fact, a tweeting idiot. I was discussing this with my husband, where we were talking my two favourite social media platforms, and which one I use the most. I naturally said, Instagram and Twitter and it then dawns on me that yes, I am a tweeting idiot and I love using Twitter.

Ok, maybe not as much a Donald Trump does, but I do find myself first thing in the morning scrolling down on my feed and reading all the morning tweet.

So what is it about Twitter that I love so much?

Well, remember when Facebook came on the scene and how it was fun and cool to write a status on your profile? Then eventually the Facebook status update people would write, they kind-of got attention seeking, if you know what I mean.

I found people would write a Facebook status in such an attention seeking way, where often the only response would be, ‘you ok Hun?’.

Eventually, it got on my nerve, and I stopped writing Facebook statuses and I only just stopped reading them. In fact, I very rarely use my Facebook profile now.

Then Twitter came along, and I must admit I was kind of slow to like the platform. I thought it was another way for people to write those Facebook statues.

But then I discovered I could find out instant information of my favourite singers and also when TV Shows are returning. So yeah, I initially used Twitter for entertainment news.

However, over the years it became so much more than just a place to find entertainment news. It became a place to find some hilarious current affair commentary. For example, one election one year I stayed up and watch the all-night commentary on the BBC and just reading the tweets of the commentary was pure comedy gold.

I then became a full-time blogger, and Twitter soon became a place where I can advertise or at least showcased my new blog post. Which worked well for me and I have gotten lots of lovely new readers that way.

As I became disillusion with Facebook, I found myself using Twitter more and more. Whenever there a big event going, for example like the royal wedding, I would love to read all the tweets, laugh at all the comments and just enjoy following it along with people online.

And that is the big reason why I love Twitter, it a place to really follow an event, a news story or general chatter with people. It a great place to find some brilliant comedy gold commentary, meet or network with people you wouldn’t necessarily would have talked to.

I do use Twitter to write a kind-of Facebook status, but the brilliant thing is, if I asked a question or got a problem, I can tweet about it and get an instant reply. I’m never am alone.

While I love Instagram for the photos and video, I love Twitter for it instant information and brilliant commentary. I love how there is always someone on hand to give you a helping hand. I also love that I can network with people or even talk to people that I wouldn’t usually have the chance to.

Admittedly, Twitter isn’t for everyone, and people find the words limit restricting. But I think, once you look past that and get into the community of Twitter, you will be like me and be a tweeting idiot.

So if you want me, I will be on Twitter.

What do you think?

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Why I love Twitter

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