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Why I love the weekend

by Anna Nuttall

Ahhh the weekend, there nothing quite like having two days off Is there? Here is why I love the weekend.

For two days a week we can finally put up our feet and enjoys some down time. Our busy week was nothing but stressful so the time to relax is a much needed break. For two days we can be free and do anything we want; we don’t have to worry about the deadline, the boss calling you every 5 second, or if the trains are running late. Saturday and Sunday is our time.

Since I started working from home I’m not going to lie – I bloody love my weekend. There was a time when I didn’t and I use to dread the weekend. Like break down and cry dread – trust me it was bad!

The weekend for a good ten years I hated. I spent ten years working almost every weekend at my old retail job. I hated every single moment of it.

I used to absolutely hate Friday…

I was the bear with a sore head for a very long time, the complete Friday Grinch; just ask my husband and he would tell you that I was unbearable on Friday. I’d be breaking down crying, begging not to go and do everything I can to get a day off.

While most people were celebrating that #fridayfeeling – for me it was the #fridaydread. As most people were celebrating the end of their working week, mine was just beginning. I had people saying to me, ”you should be happy it Friday,” when I know I was anything but happy. Why was I so unhappy on a Friday? Because I knew that was the day I have to go back to retail job and start my working week, I knew there was an invisible string pulling on me and I had to be there at 5pm on the dot.

You must be wondering what was so bad about my weekend? Ok picture this scenario, you are on the desk with hundreds and thousands of people all crowding at you talking at once, you are there on your own and no one will help you. You will have people screaming at you, throwing stuff at you and on occasions you have people spitting at you. For real.

That was my weekend at my retail job in a nutshell, it was a place of hell.

If I did ever have a weekend free, I would then have to spend the day with parents or with family members. Not that I don’t mind spending time with families – but when you had a weekend free you just want to chill out and not see anyone.

Three years ago I left as I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to be a full time blogger and digital marketing manager instead. It isn’t worth it if you just spending your whole life dreading work.

But that in the past and now I can say that I love the weekend. Here’s some reason on why I love the weekend.

I can chill out for two days:

I can now put my feet up and just chill out for two days. I can stop thinking about the deadline and just lie out on my balcony chilling out – not doing a whole lot.

 why I love the weekend

I can have the time to do baking:

I made a promise to myself that if I ever stop working at the weekend I would do more baking. I’ve been true to my words. It was only a few weeks ago that I baked a lemon cake with my mum. But every other weekend I’m baking brownie, cookies, cake – all the calorific stuff off course!

It also gives me time to do more cooking:

Especially cooking roast dinner! You gotta have a good old fashion Sunday roast – it the law. Ok it isn’t a law but it should. It tradition after all. I love that I now have the time to do a proper good old fashion roast dinner. I enjoyed cooking and another thing dish I love doing is beef stew. Yum when I gave up working at the weekend I was determined to learn on how to cook beef stew. But I spend more time experimenting all kind of new dishes at the weekend and I love it!

I can do more reading:

I love Saturday morning getting my Amazon kindle and snuggling in bed doing a spot of reading. I have a habit of re-reading books I already read, so I do need to branch out. I would like to say my husband bring me breakfast in bed while I’m reading – but sadly he doesn’t. He just moaned at me to get out of bed.


I love how I can be so quintessentially lazy for two days.  So it not unusual for me to have a nap in the afternoon (especially after all that cooking!). I like to think napping helps re-charge the old batteries.

More time gaming:

I can have the time in the world to play all the Playstation 4 games I want. If you knew me (and ‘I’m sure I said this before) but I’m a huge RPG fan! I love playing Final Fantasy, Skryim, and Fallout – you named it I have played it. So I love sitting on the sofa and having a good gaming session.

More time watching Netflix or Amazon Prime:

Much like me with my gaming, I have all the time in the world to binged watch my favorite tv shows. What shows do I watch? well I’m saving that for another post.


And that is why I love the weekend. A time for me to do my own things in life. I would love to know what you guys get up to in the weekend. Please do share and how tell me on how you spend your weekend, it can’t be as lazy as me – can it?

Please comment down below and tell me.



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Debbie 22nd April 2017 - 2:18 pm

I love to read, do my garden and grow my own vegetables so there’s nothing I like better on a sunny weekend than to be out in the garden. I also love to ride so often go to my friends so that we can ride her horses together over the weekend. Unfortunately I do have to work for 4 hours on a Sunday but it goes pretty quickly.

Carol ("Mimi") 22nd April 2017 - 3:36 pm

Glad to hear you’ve gotten away from a job you hate. Enjoy your weekend!

Lea 22nd April 2017 - 4:12 pm

great post! I have very mixed feelings about the weekend, on one hand, I love having free time, on the other hand, it gives me enough time to worry about the upcoming week! I’m glad you got out of your awful job!

Rebekah 22nd April 2017 - 4:15 pm

With two little kids relaxing weekends aren’t quite the same anymore haha but I still look forward to them 🙂 Glad u get to enjoy your weekends so much now.

Amy @ Life Zemplified 22nd April 2017 - 4:29 pm

Nice that you no longer work on the weekends! And I don’t think it’s being lazy to do the things you enjoy – let’s call it self-care 🙂

Ann Morrison 22nd April 2017 - 6:23 pm

Weekends are associated with various entertainments, good mood and carelessness 🙂 I like to spend much time with my family 🙂

lindsay 22nd April 2017 - 6:55 pm

I love the weekend too! Thanks for sharing

Lorna Ye 23rd April 2017 - 2:57 am

Great post. I enjoyed reading your blog. I want to let you know that I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here’s a link to the post nominating you and the instructions for nominating others. You are awesome and deserve it! http://savingchamps.com/blogger-recognition-award-nomination-savingchamps/

Lorna Ye

Kirstie 23rd April 2017 - 5:38 pm

Haha, love this line “You gotta have a good old fashion Sunday roast – it the law.” So glad you don’t have to dread the weekend anymore!

Crystal 23rd April 2017 - 7:50 pm

The weekend is practically my best friend, escaping from this thing called work…sleeping in…movies.. jammies.. it’s perfect.

RaNesha 24th April 2017 - 12:03 pm

On the weekends I love to spend time with my other half. Netflix, spa time, sleep in…little to nothing if possible lol.

Tracy 25th April 2017 - 2:12 am

I can totally relate to dreading the weekend coming as I used to be a waitress. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were for running around the restaurant having to listen to people yelling at me about not having enough biscuits! Now I look forward to the weekends. It’s so nice to have the time for myself


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