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Why I Hate Summertime

by Anna Nuttall

keep-calm-and-hate-summer-13Oh summertime when the weather fine, the endless days of clear blue skies with nothing but radiant sun ray beaming back down at you. Its a perfect time to soak up the heat, break out those bikini and sit back with a cool cocktails. I’m not sure about you but I can almost picture the scene right now. But folks this isn’t a blog post on why I love summer – cause truth to the matter is I don’t! I hate summertime.

Yeah while everyone is soaking up the sun ray, sipping on those cool cocktails or looking up at the blue skies, I’m the one who will be shutting the door, closing the curtain and having a hot drink. I’m officially the summertime Grinch.

I hated summertime since I was a little girl, while everyone be like ‘yeah it summertime’, I’d be the girl who would be counting down to autumn. The first thing that spring to mind apart from the heat (I will get onto that) is the amount of stupid disgusting insect that seem to sprang up from nowhere. When I was younger I got stung real badly by a wasp (or two) and it really scared me as those wasp sting really does hurt! I remember screaming at the top of my lung and my mum running to put some ice on it. The result of this incident in the end gave me agoraphobia, it the fear of being outside. While all my friends would be playing outside, I would be too scared to even venture outside or even breath fresh air. So a childhood tumor with a wasp was one incident why I hate summertime. But let’s be honest here, it isn’t just the wasp sting, it all those other damn annoying stupid insects that you get around summertime – the one who would not frickin leave you alone. If I do sit outside, it would be a quiet corner away from flowers and anything that couldn’t possibly attack me.

The heat, urgh those insects are such a summer heat junkie and this bring me onto my other point – summertime heat. OK let’s face the fact here, around June-August it’s too damn hot! I must be the only one who dread the heatwave, I know I wouldn’t get any sleep for the next few nights as my bedroom would be like a sauna. As a matter of fact my whole living space would be like a frickin sauna as this whole building is built to with hold heat in though insulation inside the wall. I will also admit I live on a top floor in an apartment building so yeah we all know heat rises – that doesn’t help me really does it. Another factor with the heat is also how it make me feel so lazy, like I can’t be bother to do anything. So basically with a heatwave I spend my day next to the fan complaining loudly how hot and bothered I am.

I’m one of those girl who doesn’t care enough about getting a tan, I think sitting outside on a sunbed just laying there is so frickin boring. I’m not one to over-dose on vitamin D and If I’m honest personally pale complexion look so much better and no one really want to look like an orangutan. Does anyone else find that with their hair, it just sort out clamp together and get more oily? I’m asking as mine does and it does my head in. The only thing I can do with my hair is put it up in a ponytails and wash it every-day, as during the wonderful heatwave my tend to get greasier. Another thing to consider as I’m talking about body image, the amount of pimples I get. It sort of grow on my face like a fungus, oily greasy hair, oily face – urgh!  There’s no use to slapping on a face mask as it to damn hot for that.

I’m know you’re sitting there thinking, what about going to the beach? Are you crazy? My image of hell on earth is going on a beach during summertime, what with  the crowds, the noises and just sitting there in the heat with a melted ice-cream running down your fingers, it would be like torture chamber. Give me a beach day when it’s raining and less crowds. Also form of torture is a BBQ, now I do love a good BBQ but like I said before, I hate insects and anything that buzzed so often the idea of sitting outside eating a hot dog is a big no no. I’m the girl who would eat her hot dog inside with the windows closed.

My last point is how there is nothing good on TV. Yeah you gotta wait for the autumn for any new season to start up and with that you’re left with either re-run or greatest season hits – who care about that? Thank god for netflix and amazon prime for occupying me but I have spend the two-three month of summertime tapping my fingers impatiently.

So I’m basically the summertime Grinch and quite frankly I don’t care! I’m going to pour a bucket of ice water over me and start ticking down to September – bring it on.

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francesca 11th July 2018 - 2:40 pm

Oh Anna how I love this post, I can totally relate! I’ve always been an Autumn child and, even if this is probably the second year of my life I actually enjoyed Summer… enough already! Can’t wait for crisp Autumn air to tickle my face… those breathtaking sunsets… the changing leaves… the lovely layered clothing…


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