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Why I Gave Up the Pressure of Blogging

by Anna Nuttall

Until recently I was very much into the pressure point when it came to blogging. Every day my mind would think various things, such as:

  • Got to get over 500 views a day.
  • Upping my Instagram followers count.
  • Must write a blog post.
  • Must think about content.

And etc. etc.

But you get the picture. Every single day I would put on this imaginary pressure on me. I had this single thought where I must at all cost must hit my blogging targets and must do everything in my power to be the very best I can be.

Till one day I woke up and realized that this pressure was sucking out the fun for me and then I had this thought, who really cares if I hit my targets? Or who really give damn if I don’t write a blog post? Well, I know the answer to that – no one but me. (Well saying that maybe a few people who silently read on here care – I see you, mum and other people!)

In seriousness, no one cares so it was kind of stupid to put this pressure on me.

So that one day when I woke up, it was like a weight have been lifted, and I just stopped putting that pressure on me.

It felt so good knowing that I no longer have to worry about hitting a number or perhaps, ranking my brain on what to write.

As I said recently, I went part-time on here and once again that felt so good. It just felt like I can then occupy my thoughts and time elsewhere; especially as real life got busy for me.

The best part of giving up the pressure of blogging, is I can enjoy my blog a lot more and write content when it matters. For example, like if I got out on a hike and take my camera with me, or perhaps I try out a new recipe, then, of course, I would want to share it with you guys. Where before, I would think, right what blogging topics have I not written about for a while. It’s no longer just pointless rambling, but more of sharing my experiences; which was something I already discussed at the beginning of the year where I wanted to turn this blog more into an experiences-photography type blog.

I’m always going to blog, one way or another, trust me you are not getting rid of me that easily. But moving forward it very much me getting out of one state of mind and into another state of mind where anything I experience – I would want to share it with you guys then.

When I read Cider with Rosie latest blog post, it felt comforting that Rosie also gave up the pressure of blogging and how it was a weight off her mind.

My advice is to any bloggers if you feel it too much pressure and it takes over your life – not to mention sucking out the fun – then stop and take a break. Or at least revaluate your thoughts process and figure out what exactly you want in blogging or where you want to be.

Giving up the pressure of blogging has open a whole new lease for me, and it felt good to put it into words finally. I can go back and enjoy blogging and be able to share the things I see or do without worrying about numbers or other gorgons; I can write with me being me.

Lastly, just to clarify (as I no doubt would have my mum on the phone after reading this) I’m still part-time on here, and I’m still going to blog. Trust me; blogging is a lifetime commitment for me.

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1 comment

Lauretta 6th May 2019 - 7:09 pm

That’s great to hear you are going to carry on blogging Anna! And even better to hear that you are taking the pressure off yourself – good for you!


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