The other day I was a bundle of nerve. I woke up feeling really emotional and sad, I couldn’t explain why. So here what to when you are feeling sad.

It the strangest feeling how one day you wake up and all you want to do is cry. And yet you can’t explain why. That was me the other day, I was an emotional wreck and yet I could not explain why. All day I felt like I could just burst into tears and not understand why. I went about my business as normal, said hello to the people in Tesco, gave the next door neighbour kid a high five and had a what apps conversation with my mate. But at any given time I could quite frankly break down and just cry my heart out.

The previous day I was happy and loved. I had no problem with anyone, did quelling with anyone. I had a pleasant normal day. So this strong feeling of sadness was very strange and not something I could explain away.

As I said in the past, my superpower is the ability to look at any situation and see it from an outsider point of view. Yet I tried my superpower and it didn’t work. So as I write this, I still have no explanation to why I was feeling sad and emotional that day.

This week it world mental health week and those I don’t think I ever had any real mental health issue, I still wanted to talk about what to when you are feeling sad.

Lots of people don’t seem to have my superpower and have this strong feeling of sadness without explanation and not sure what to do about it. Often some will dwell on this feeling, while other recognized it and have the willpower to pull them out of it. It can be a vicious cycle and can lead to stronger and harder to shake the feeling.

While I’m no mental health expert, if you do feel like your falling into a big hole. My advice is to talk to someone, don’t suffer on your own. The worst thing you can do is being on your own. That day when I was feeling sad, I shared my feeling with my parents, Richard and even the personal trainer at the gym. Off course talking to various people I was given all sort of advice. Did it make me feel better? Yes, it did and hearing all kind of different advice showed me that I wasn’t alone and there is a simple solution when feeling sad. Talk.

So here are a few tips on what to when you are feeling sad.

Watch comedy on YouTube

That day when I was feeling sad, in the effort to cheer me up I watched some old clips of Friends and The Big Bang Theory on YouTube. I also watched clips on SNL and just generally watched comedy videos. They say laughter is the best medicine and yes I totally believe that. It does let you forget your worry and release the happy hormones, endorphin.

Do a spa Rituals

Turn off your phone and log out of Facebook and just spend the evening having a spa ritual. Download a meditation app, go find some spa music on Spotify and get in contact with your inner self. Spa always makes me feel better, and plus your skin with thank you for it.

Make yourself a favourite mocktail drink

I do believe you should never drown your sorrow as alcohol is never the solution. But making yourself a favourite mocktail drink can be a fun way to forget your trouble. Plus, you won’t wake up with a hangover. So don’t go rushing to pub for that Sex on the beach cocktail, have a virgin pina colada instead.

Go to coffee shop

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. It can be nice sometime to visit a coffee shop, have your favourite beverage and just watch the world go by. I sometimes like a quiet corner and just put on my iPod and take a breather.

Get lost in a hobby

Spend an hour of getting lost in your favourite hobby, so whether that is painting, photography or even blogging. Use that time to distract your brain and get absorbed into something.

Next time you wake up having the same emotional issue I had. You would know what to when you are feeling sad. Do you have tips to add?

what to when you are feeling sad