Have you ever lost your blogging mojo? It also a case of when you have writer block. I have written about writer block before which you can read it here, but how on earth do you overcome your writer block? I like to think that once you have writer block, that when you will be more likely in loosing your blogging mojo. I like to think it when your brain turns to Jelly, you find yourself get distracted, you put it off and find something else to do; It when you’re staring at the screen and nothing comes to forefront.

Well come you guys, start getting your blogging mojo back today, here are my tips on how to achieve this:

Start writing a notebook:

A little old fashion but very effective, it doesn’t even have to be a paper one but you can use one your phone. Whenever you are free, jolt down some ideas.

Brainstorm ideas:

Remember when you was at school and you would brainstorm a topic and then branch off to smaller topic, well the same principal applies here.  Pick a topic, for example fashion – now branch off with it ie, style, woman wear, trends, dresses and etc. It quite surprising on how many ideas you come up with.

Ask your friends or families: 

A simple method really, just ask someone you know really well and  talk through something topical. Having a conversation might trigger something that make you want to put it down into words.

Seasonal topic:

The great thing about this tip is, there is loads you can write about here. For example – Halloween: scary tales, pumpkins caving, and costume. Another example is Spring where you can write about Easter, sunny weather, outdoor activities, and spring fashion. Do you see my point? There’s 4 seasons in a year, use it to your advantage.

Try new topic/genre:

If a certain genre or a topic isn’t floating your boat, try something else instead. It can be refreshing and it will make a break to your usual writing style.

Google Analytic:

If you are fanatic with your stats then you will be closely watching your Google analytic. The great thing about GA is that it give you a break down on what post is popular, it will give you an ideas on what your readers like to read. For example my popular posts are all from my Nostalgic Series, for that I have kept writing the topic on here and continue to use it for my advantage by knowing it what my readers want.

Take a break:

If all else fails, nothing else work then take a break. Go out with your friends, step away from the computer screen and give your brain a rest. The blog will still be here while you are gone.


Do you have anything tips to add?