what I have been watching lately on Netflix | March 2019

Today the weather outside can only be described as frightful with heavy rain and strong wind. I don’t know about you, but today is a Netflix day.

As it a duvet day and it’s the kind of day where you can forget about the outside world, let me show you what I have been watching lately on Netflix which dates from January to March 2019. Yes, I know it a work day, and I’m sure many of you are at work or doing stuff; but if you got homework, course study work or need five minutes away from the kids – then in my eyes, it no excuse not to the have a Netflix hour.

Here what I have been watching lately on Netflix | March 2019.


I will admit I only watch this cause of Meghan Markle and because I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. I’m not really into legal/law drama – but I found myself enjoying this. Meghan plays a supporting role in this, and I found the dynamic between Harvey and Mike much worthwhile watching. Also, Rick Hoffman/Louis Litt crack me up.

Fawlty Tower:

Oh my god, a comedy gem that never stops being funny. It a wonder how John Cheese doesn’t have a heart attack doing some of his comedy sketches.

Isn’t it Romantic:

A rom-com that take on a rom-com. It’s a sweet, feel-good film and be warned: its cheesy as hell.

Russian Doll:

A New-Yorker who keep dying over and over again and reliving her birthday. I wasn’t sure what to make of this at first, but it does get better – even if the ending is a little weird.  A groundhog day with a twist.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

I enjoyed watching this little series – maybe as I read the books and this follow more closely to the books than the film. But I was impressed with how it unfolded and how it was able to wrap everything up neatly.

That what I have been watching on Netflix lately | March 2019. Do you have anything to add?