The long evening, I think is made for Netflix watching. So here are what films to watch on Netflix this November.

As I mentioned, when I’m having a lazy day I like nothing better than to binge-watch something on Netflix. I personally like to think the long November evening is designed by mother nature so we can binge-watched Netflix, she’s a forward thinker like that.

At the moment Netflix has got a massive list of films you need to watch. Some old, some classic and also some new. I must admit it the old and classic that has caught my attention. Films from the 90s are brilliant for nostalgic.

Which bring me to my point today, I’m going to show you what films to watch on Netflix this November. I give you a warning now, there really is something for everyone. So even your sister kay who is really annoying and love Peppa Pig won’t be missing out. And then there your sport mad brother and your auntie Brenda who keep nicking your biscuit. They can still all join in the Netflix November film binge watching.

Here are what films to what on Netflix this November:

Notting Hill:

The classic rom-com film, with a very young Julia Roberts, and Hugh Grant. It a lot of fun to watch for the late 90s humour and fashion.

La La Land:

The toe-tapping, musical film is now on Netflix. I haven’t seen this film but I’m so happy I can now watch this on Netflix.

Pulp Fiction:

Not personally a fan of this film, but I know who people who LOVE this to death. Another classic film to watch for the 90s fashion.

Les Miserables:

A chance to see the epic Broadway show – turned film again. This is for anyone who likes musicals.


Not seen this film but It on my list to watch. I’ve heard Lilly James is simply enchanting in this.

My Girls:

I blab like a baby watching this when I was young and I still blab watching it now. Watching this, you will need tissues.

Big Fish:

A quirky Tim Burton film with the lovely Ewan McGregor.

Ace Ventura:

The serious laugh out loud classic film. Jim Carey at his best.


Never understood the minion’s craze. But you can watch their full-length film.


As if you not going to watch this amazing teen movie.

Men in Black:

All three MIB films are now available. Want to see Will Smith saving the day.

James Bond: Spectre:

007 reporting for duty, the latest Bond film with Daniel Craig. It another explosive film to watch.


That was my list of what films to watch on Netflix this November. Will you be watching any of them?

what films to watch on Netflix this November