Wardrobe Wear Wednesday Oasis Blue Skater Dress

Welcome back to my Wardrobe Wear Wednesday, a new series on here where I delve deep into my wardrobe, and I’ll pick out one item and share it on here.

Not only do I share it on here, but you must also help me decide whether to keep it or throw it away (or at least donate to a clothing charity). My wardrobe is chuck full right now, and I need to free up some space. Think of it as helping a friend out and giving some fashion advice.

Oasis Blue Skater Dress

I’m showing you this gorgeous Oasis Blue Skater Dress that has lovely floral embroidery. I brought it a few years ago and never really wore it much. Which I think is sad as it a bloody gorgeous dress. Blue is typically not my colour, but I can excuse it as it has that lovely floral embroidered which I think give it something special.

I’m not sure what else to say about this dress as I have already decided it a keeper – which yes, I know defeat the point of Wardrobe Wear Wednesday. But I can make this one exception and, who would be mad enough to give it up?

What do you think about this Oasis Blue Skater Dress? Do you agree with my assessment that it a keeper?

Oasis Blue Skater Dress


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Wardrobe Wear Wednesday Oasis Blue Skater Dress

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