Wardrobe Wear Wednesday My Casual Wear

Welcome back to my Wardrobe Wear Wednesday, a new series on here where I delve deep into my wardrobe, and I’ll pick out one item and share it on here.

Not only do I share it on here, but you must also help me decide whether to keep it or throw it away (or at least donate to a clothing charity). My wardrobe is chuck full right now, and I need to free up some space. Think of it as helping a friend out and giving some fashion advice.

If you have any excellent clothing charity recommendation, please do comment down below, and I will make contact with them.

My Casual Wear

Usually, when I do an outfit post or picture, I like to dress up and show you some pretty dress. But this time I thought I would show you a few of my casual wear and what I wear on a day to day basis. I must admit, as much as I love to dress up, I wouldn’t exactly go to Tesco in them. So on a day to day basis, I’m usually in jeans and a top. Let me show you my casual wear:

TU Sainsbury’s Embroidered Tunic

Brought this in Sainsbury’s a few years ago, it part of their TU range. Just a floaty summery tunic. You will see that I’m a fan of a loose floaty tunic.

Casual shirt/blouse


This blouse I just brought from Primark, and I will admit, I do wear it all the time. I find that I wear this both in summer and winter and look great with jean.

Cath Kidston Bambi Tunic

Remember I showed you the Bambi dress? Well, this is the same pattern in top form. I went a little crazy with Cath Kidston Bambi collection. At least it matches my handbag.

Illustrated People Butterly Top

Illustrated People was a brand that had a concession at the Oxford Street Topshop store, and I brought this butterfly top. It another one in which I tend to wear all seasons.

H&M White Blouse

Brought this a year ago in H&M. This is very much my summer wear.

So those were my causal wear. I thought it would be fun to show you my dress-down look. Which look do you like the most?

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Wardrobe Wear Wednesday My Casual Wear

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