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Visiting Portobello Market

by Anna Nuttall
A couple week ago I went to one of my favourite place in London, if you in or around London and have a spare free Friday afternoon then I completely recommend Portobello market. It’s a notorious vintage/fashion market that will complete any fashionista vintage wardrobe, a majority of fashion editors all goes there at weekend to check out what on offer on the various stalls as you bound to find something that you won’t find anywhere else.
My mum always told me it was the place to buy your fashion clothes in the 60s, when you visit there it has a strong 60’s vibes so you feel like you have been transported to that era. Sadly there have been some changes in recent time, it going more and more mainstream and there are concerned that it will lose it uniqueness and became too much like any other high street shopping area.
One more things I should add is that it was also used in the film ‘Notting hill’, the film with Hugh Grant and Julia Robert, you can see the famous blue door before it was taken down.
Anyway I don’t visit it very often but when I do, I might a day off it as you completely lose yourself in the various shop and stalls. I took some pictures last time I was there so you get an idea on what I’m talking about so I hope you enjoy them.
There a really unique magazine/newsagent that sells niche publication where I brought loads of hard to get magazine so if you like niche publications as much as me then you must visit.
As a general rule, you must go to Humming Bird Bakery, if you don’t then shame on you!
Amazing colourful house.
Street entertainer dressed as Chaplin
The famous street sign
This shop sells some really cool quirky items
The amazing Hummingbird Bakery – love this place
An indoor market stalls area, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of it inside.
One of the Market stall where the vintage clothes are.
This is an example of the market vintage stall, a lot of owner won’t let you take pictures.
So there you have it. Hope you enjoys that.

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Kay 4th April 2013 - 4:44 pm

Great pics and I love the new blog design!

angie 9th April 2018 - 3:40 pm

awesome pictures, thanks for sharing


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