Vapiano Gothenburg

Back to my tale across Europe earlier this year, let me tell you about Vapiano Gothenburg and the delicious meal we had.

If you remember, we have just spent our time having a  walk around Copenhagen. The next morning, we hopped onto a train and made our way to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Now Gothenburg was our only stop in Sweden, which kind of made me feel a little sad as I would have like to explore Sweden a little more. But hopefully, I will do soon.

One thing we notice as we left Denmark and head into Sweden, was how the temperature dropped. The landscape soon turned into a pure blanket of white. It was something out of a fairy tale. As we travelled along the countryside on the train, we were taking photos and video as it something you don’t see every day.

Anyway, we arrived at Gothenburg, and it was snowing hard. It was fully snowing, and while it was pretty to look, we were getting cold being outside. So we decided to make our way to our hotel which was a ship. Yes, a ship; it’s the Hotell Barken Viking.

We checked in and warm us up before we headed out. By this time, we were hungry, so it was my job to find an appropriate place to find dinner.

As we walked along, I notice Vapiano. Now I been to Vapiano in London, so was aware of this restaurant and I like to think it has a cool concept, which I wanted to show Richard.

Vapiano is a pasta/pizza restaurant and it the cool concept behind the restaurant, which I think make it stand out.

The idea is, you pick a table which has a number on. You then go to a machine to order your food, put in your table number and then pay for it. So there no the usual waitress taking your order, you do it yourself. Once you ordered, you will get a little buzzer, and it will buzz once your food is ready.

On all of the tables, there are fresh herbs for you to help yourself. You can also help yourself to any additional seasoning.

Our food arrived, and it was just what the doctor ordered as we were in need of a hot meal, as it was freezing at the time.

I had a creamy carbonara chicken pasta, while Richard had a tomato beefy pasta dish. Trust me when I say that we devour it whole. It was frickin’ delicious.

Soon enough our belly was full, and we started to feel a little sleepy. So we decided to head back to the hotel for an early night. We made a plan to do an early morning wake up and to explore Gothenburg properly. Which I will show you in my next post.

Vapiano, I do highly recommend it. I have been to the one in London, and the Vapiano Gothenburg is pretty much the same. So if you happen to be in Sweden, then do check out Vapiano Gothenburg.

Vapiano Gothenburg
Vapiano Gothenburg
Vapiano Gothenburg
Vapiano Gothenburg
Vapiano Gothenburg
Vapiano Gothenburg

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1 Comment
  • Susanne
    December 6, 2018

    Welcome to Göteborg! It’s almost my hometown. It actually was my hometown in the late 1990’s. I recognise the name Vapiano, but haven’t been there, probably because I’m coeliac and just skip certain restaurants for the inconvenience (unless I’m in Ireland, where most places have gluten free pasta).
    I’m glad you enjoyed Sweden and I hope you can see more of it soon!

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