Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men under £20

I have done Valentine’s day gift idea for women, now it the men’s turn. Here are Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men under £20.

As I said in my last gift guide, I was once upon a time a dopey-eyed giggly head over heel kind of girl; but now I’m a harden straight as an arrow serious over-it Valentine’s girl. Some might say, love is dead and romance is over. I say instead, I’m older and wiser.

But enough of that. As I’m here for Valentine’s gift ideas for men under £20. Which does bring up a point before I continue? It, not just women’s who get all lovey-dovey, men’s do as well.

I know, shock-horror. Whatever happened to men’s are from Mars, women’s from Venus, two opposite spectrums? Well, I don’t think men are as different to us girls, as you might think.

Well, if you think about it – men’s do also get that lovey-dovey goggled eyed feeling. Now, I’m not saying all men’s do – but I have personally witnessed men’s that latterly proclaimed their love in an over the top way. Think Ross’s from Friends and how he behaves when Rachel’s work with that guy. Songbirds, love hearts and endless of flowers.

Oh, I’m not saying that guys need to be the jealous kind to do that, but there are some who do it out the kindness of their heart.

My point is, men (and any guys that read here can back me up on this) do also enjoy Valentine’s day and as much as women’s do – they also look forward to receiving a little gift.

So any girlfriends or wife reading this and want to get a thoughtful, loving gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day, well you have come to the right place. Here are my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men under £20.

Typo Marble Print Tune Out Headphones

Typo A5 Buffalo Notebook

Sass & Belle You’re Mine Valentines Stacking Mugs

Sexy Truth or Dare Valentines Sticks

Dobell Crimson Red Dupion Tie

ASOS Leather Watch In Brown With Matte Black Case

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