Shareasale for your affiliate marketing

This is to the benefits of my overseas and US readers. If you are looking into getting started with affiliate marketing, then here why to use Shareasale for your affiliate marketing.

A while ago I wrote 5 Reasons to Use Awin for Your Blog Affiliate Marketing, well I have another affiliate programs that will not only is a direct competition to Awin but will also benefits my overseas and US readers greatly.

Let me introduce you to Shareasale, a program that works like Awin, but it mainly works with US brands. It a simple and easy program if you looking to make your first step into affiliate marketing.

I signed up with them last year and so far I have been pleasantly surprised by them. I was a little anxious signing up for affiliate programs that majority work for US brands. But I had no real worries as I’m now finding more and more US brands are chasing me to work with. So that a result.

I was also anxious about dealing with money due to currency differences, and yet, the team at Shareasale talks me all through the exchange currency and how easy it was for a UK person to earn money through them.

Much of Saleasale is the same as Awin and it seems silly to keep comparing them both, but as I keep repeating myself here, Awin primarily works with UK brands. While Shareasale doesn’t really have too many UK brands on there and instead focus on US brands.

As with Awin, you still be put in touch directly with brands and you still received newsletters telling you the latest offers, which I always found to be very beneficial.

Shareasale still lets you put links and banners on your site. The good thing I have found with that, not only does it show you are supporting that particular brands, but it also shows the readers what something I have found which I like and I can share it all with you.

If you are nodding your head and want to sign up, but scared on security. Don’t be as the program is very secure and like I said earlier; I was nervous signing up but the team at Shareasale soon put me at ease.

I will like to say to any of my UK readers reading this and thinking it won’t work for you. It does – but be prepared for everything to be in US Dollars and working with US brands. I’m from the UK, I have been using this and I had no problem.

So to any of my US and overseas readers, I hope this has been beneficial to you. Will you be using Shareasale for your affiliate marketing?

Shareasale for your affiliate marketing

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