I’m sure many of you are going on holiday this summer. How would you like unlimited summer books with Amazon Prime Reading?

What a silly question, who wouldn’t like unlimited summer books? Ok, just picture this. You’re on holiday at some amazing Greece beach resort, sipping cocktails and it a hazy summer day where you have no energy to do anything. You’re lying there on the sun lounges and you find yourself completely engrossed with a good click flick book. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

I will admit that is my definition of a perfect holiday. The kind of holiday where you just chill out and lay there next to the pool. However, for the last couple of years, my holiday been very active as I have been traveling all over Europe. And it looks like that will also be my next holiday as I’m planning on traveling again next year. I’m not complaining as traveling is just amazing. But I do dream of having a relaxing pool-side holiday, where all I’m doing is just catching up on my reading.

If on the other hand, that what you are planning on doing this summer. Then I might have something to help you catch up on your summer reading.

Amazon Prime Reading, is something that you need aware off. Especially if you’re a bookworm. Launched in the US last October, this Amazon Prime feature allowed you to have access to as many books as your heart desire.

Sound bloody amazing, there must be a catch. No, not really. This Amazon Prime feature has just launched in the UK and it’s an additional feature if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Reading give you access to hundreds books, magazines, comics, and other reading material at no extra cost.

Amazon Prime Reading

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you can have access to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling (along with all the other books in the series). If on the other hands and want some out of this world fantasy, The Hobbit by JR Tolkien is also available.

This service is compatible with Kindle e-Readers, Fire Tablets and their fleet of apps for Android or iOS. Please do note that Amazon Prime Reading is quite different from the Kindle Lending Library, which only allows you to checkout one title per month, or Kindle Unlimited, which needs a dedicated subscription.

I have been using this service for a month now and it really been the perfect tonic to getting me read books again. I always read books, yet I have this annoying habit of re-reading books that I have read already. I seem to be fearful of trying out new titles to read.

You can easily select a title and get it instantly downloaded on to your Kindle (providing, off course if there’s a wifi connection).  No checkout fees and no hassle.

For the past month I have been sitting on my balcony getting completely engrossed in a book. I might not be going on holiday this year; I can still create the perfect holiday reading environment.

One final thing with Amazon Prime Reading. Now with unlimited access to books, you’re stuck on which one to read first. Trust me it took me a while to figure out which book to read first. I have a long list on books I want to read.

So I create a top 10 books reading list to help you. Let me know if you do read any of these books and whether you recommend them.

With your summer read sorted, all you need to worry about for the holiday if you packed any sun tan lotion. Enjoy!

Amazon Prime Reading

(This post does contain affiliate links, but I reviewed this service myself and gave a honest response. I will never put anything I hasn’t tried out myself.)

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