Unicorn Gin Cocktail That Taste like Candy Floss

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If you were to ask me what my favourite cocktail is, then I would say Pina Colada without hesitation. However, if you had asked me again recently, my answer would be different.

Recently the pub chain, Wetherspoons has been doing a cocktail that has changed my mind drastically on what is my favourite cocktail. It the Mystical Unicorn gin cocktail and oh my god, it tastes like candy floss in a drink form. If you are a fan of sweet cocktails, then you will love this.

Since my first sip of this cocktail, I have wanted to make my own at home. So recently that is what I have been doing.

Aldi last year started to sell Mystical Unicorn gin which was my first step – getting hold of unicorn gin. Before you start shopping at your local Aldi, sadly, there have now sold out. But you can buy unicorn gin on Amazon. The second step is a sweet-tasting liquor, and I found this in TK Maxx.

I’m going to show you how to make your own unicorn Gin Cocktail that taste like candy floss. After all, we all need a little sweetness in our lives.

One bottle of Unicorn gin (it doesn’t have to be mystical, and it can be any unicorn gin brand).

One bottle of sweet liquor (and brand)

One bottle of lemonade.

(I’m not going to add measurement or anything as it up to you and how much you want. In the picture we added only a little, which makes it look very diluted.)

Pour in the unicorn gin cocktail, then the liquor and finally the lemonade. Please give it a good stir or shake and then serve.

It’s incredibly easy, and you don’t need to be a mixologist to do this. However, if any mixologist is reading this, comment down below on how to sweeten the cocktail up.

This doesn’t exactly taste like Weatherspoon’s unicorn gin cocktail – but it similar, and it still does taste like candy floss

So, get a little sweetness in your life and try the unicorn gin cocktail today.

gin cocktail
unicorn gin
unicorn gin cocktail

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Unicorn Gin Cocktail That Taste like Candy Floss

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