New year, new ambition. 2017 Is the year you’re going to set tall and start blogging. Here is The Ultimate guide on Starting a Lifestyle Blog.

Last year I wrote how this girl I was tutoring thought lifestyle blogs were stupid and dumb. The majority of you hit back and said there were nothing wrong with lifestyle blogs and the girl was being silly for thinking that.

It did get me thinking, how exactly do you start a lifestyle blog in the first place? Maybe that girl thought lifestyle blogs were dumb as she didn’t know herself on how to start one.

For me, I always thought of myself as more of a lifestyle writer – than a fashion writer. Even when I was uni doing my fashion journalism course I never saw myself as the next Anna Wintour – more like those writers you see contributing to coffee table magazine. I also never saw myself as a printed magazine writer, I always seen myself as an online writer.

That was why I started writing my own lifestyle blog, a place where I can write freely with a whole range of different topics.

For me, lifestyle blog topics ranges from baking to zebra at the zoo that day when you took your camera. Lifestyle blog I feel give you more freedom and more flexibility with your writing.

Anyway the point is – you have decided to start a lifestyle blog this year. This lifestyle blog is your own little place to express your hopes and dreams in the coming months. It’s your own little space where you can write about topics you are interested in.

Let me talk you though my ultimate guide on starting a lifestyle blog. You won’t regret it.

Choose your topics and Focus.

First big question of the day, what is the blog about? What is your focus? I feel that choosing your focus is the starter point of starting a lifestyle blog. The thing with lifestyle blogs, is that its cover so many different areas. Perhaps to make it easier for you on deciding a focus for the blog is narrow is down to a simple niche you are interested in.

Get a pen and paper (yeah the old fashion way!) and write down a specific thing you are interested in. Write down a list and just brainstorm anything that comes into your head. Also while we are there, write down on who you are. Yes, you! Who are you?

Are you a single mum with 3 kids and working at a corporate office as an admin? That enough to tell me who you are already. With this lifestyle blog write down your experience as a single mum, write down your day to day schedule. Etc. See where I’m going with this?

I feel with lifestyle blogs, it better to be open on who you are. And also to write a topic you are interested in. Trust me if you are writing about something that bore you to tears – your audience will notice.

Buying a lifestyle Theme.

I always like to think this is the fun part.  You get to create how your lifestyle blog will look. There are hundreds and hundreds of different options here.

I buy my blog theme from Themeforest, it can be a little pricey but I love how it has hundreds and hundreds of different options and the themes themselves can be customize to your own blog. However, my advice is to buy a theme from there once you know what you are doing with your blog, it can be a little tricky to customize it to your blog.

I also think Etsy has a really nice selection of simple blog themes. There are other places online that do lifestyle blog theme: Creative Market, BluChic, and Pipdig.

Choose your blogging platform.

The two biggest blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. I have touched on this before on which platform is the best one to you.

Personally I would choose WordPress but there is nothing wrong with Blogger. If you want to get serious with your blogging and want to make money, then I choose WordPress again.

Choose your blog name.

This might sound obvious but don’t name your blog ‘My fashion place’ when you’re not really going to write about fashion. My advice would be to choose an easy name that will cover your overall blog topics. I do think that choosing your blog name is the most important first step. It should also be something you love and want to stick with.

Where to find ideas.

For me when I’m thinking of ideas on what to write about, I just look on Pinterest and Bloglovin. Thinking of an idea when starting a blog is the hardest part, I feel. It can be daunting looking at a blank canvas. So what I do is read a few blogs on Bloglovin and have a browse on Pinterest. Often I find something that spark an idea and get my old brain working.  If you find something, then write it down and brainstorm ideas. Start a blog notebook with all your ideas and if you find something interesting then write it down. Also you often find your ideas when out about. You could be walking along minding your own business then suddenly you will be hit by blog inspirations. It happen to me all the time. Write it down on your phone (if you don’t have your blog notebook) and email it you. So you can take a look when you get home.

Find your Tribes.

It might be a surprise to you when starting out – but you’re not the only single mum working as an admin who have a blog. There are others as well. Go find them and go find your tribes. My advice is to join a Facebook blog group and meet other bloggers. You will find others who have the same interest as you. It will help you bounce ideas and help you find that blog focus.  Join Bloglovin and reads other bloggers lifestyle blogs. Say hi to a fellow bloggers and talk to them on Twitter. Don’t be shy. Be active and find other likeminded people.

The Ultimate guide on Starting a Lifestyle Blog

I hope this have helped you with starting a lifestyle blog. If you ever need anyone to talk too about bouncing an idea around for your blog. Then feel to chat too me – I’d be only too happy to help.

Do you have anything to add?