I have quite a wide range selections of music on my ipod and on my itunes, it range from heavy metal to the popish of song, new age music to dance euphoria. I’m a huge music devotee, I spent my entire teen years reading nothing but Smash Hits, I would drive my parents crazy by recording everything and anything on the Spice Girls (back when they was popular) and playing back to back Michael Jackson songs. I was the quint essential teenybopper. When I was studying fashion Journalism I dubbed in music journalism  as the two subjects are so closely linked it be silly to completely ignore music journalism, we all seen how Lady Gaga incorporate fashion & music.
So Tuesday will now be known as Tuneful Tuesday, where I will talk about music that I like, I have listen to recently and what has been on my playlist.

So Today I will talk about my favorite band: Within Temptation


I was first introduced to this band through my hubby Richard as at the time I was bored with chart music and bored with the likes of Girls Aloud (those I do listen to them) and just general rubbish radio music. We did a search through the now deceases Limewire (this was a couple years ago) and found them.
I can’t remember the first song I heard but it was the round the time of the album ‘The Silence Force’.
Within Temptation Is a Female Dutch rock/metal band fronted by Sharon Den Adel. They have released 5 albums in total and won countless of awards.
The singing style of Sharon Den Adel is what make this band work, she been noted to sing in tunes when singing live (which is very hard for any singer to do) and to be able to throw her voice to different style (you need to listen The Heart Of Everything to understand what I mean).
The guitar rift isn’t as heavy as in other band but it still there, no mean growl as you find from other band in the metal/rock genre, it symphonic but it easy to listen to, so you can rock out in your room if you wished to.
There last album ‘ The Unforgiving’ was a concept album based on a comic story and short film, in my opinions its feel a lot heavy and solid where you really get a beginning, the middle and the end.
I was due to see them last time they played in the UK, but due to personal problem I couldn’t see them live, so I’m hoping I will next time.
I rant and rave about this band as they do deserve more recognition in the UK music industry and to be played on radio or at least on music channel, I rather have Within temptation then some of the songs that are played on radio at the moment.
So yeah I have attached a music video from their last album ‘The Unforgiving’, it a taster of their music and what I have been talking about.So yeah there you have it, my favorite band and it constantly on my playlist. Have you heard about them, if so what your favorite song?