Tunes To Listens To On Your Ipod

I have quite a wide range selections of music on my ipod and on my itunes, in all honesty it ranges from heavy metal to new age music to even dance euphoria. I’m a huge music devotee, I spent my entire teen years reading nothing but Smash Hits and watching Top Of The Pop. I would drive my parents crazy by recording everything and anything on the Spice Girls (back when they was popular) and playing back to back Michael Jackson songs. I was the quint essential teenybopper.  Then as I got older and my music taste changed – to the point where I don’t really listen to chart music anymore and I now only listen to female-driven heavy metal songs. However now and again new music will often popped up on my Youtube or Spotify feeds that I instantly just love and have to have it on my ipod right now! So here are some my favorite tunes I have been listening too on my ipod, hopefully you will like them and soon enough they will be on on your ipod.  Music is a very subjective personal thing, so what I might like – you might not and will make your ear bleed. But on the other hand, you might find a song you really like.

I first heard this in the gym and was surprise to learn it was Gwen Stefani. Love her! I was a big No Doubt fan so I love anything she does. It a really poppy feel-good song, this song just make me happy.

Another singer I love to pieces. I have been a fan of her music from day one. She a under-rated singer I feel and often is under the radar on a lot of music listeners. Which is a shame as every albums she done have been brilliant.

This song is completely different to the list (told it quite variety!). I first heard this for a trailer on the Amazon show ‘Grand Tour’ – the one with Jeremy Clarkson and co. It been stuck in my head ever since.

This is a song from one of my favorite band ever! I love Simone Simons voice and this is a little heavier but I love everything about this song.  If I was you – go and listen to this band and you might be in for a surprise.

If Epica is my favorite band, then Tarja is my favorite singer. Her voice is amazing!! She combine classical with rock and it work so well. I seen her in concert and she amazing live.

Ok this randomly come up on my Youtube feed one day, thought I would give it a listen. The chorus got me hooked – don’t think much of the verses. I’m a bit meh with anything Little Mix does, I don’t really pay that much attention but I kind-of like this song.

So is there any tunes you have been listening too and want to share? Do you like any of my picks and will they be on your ipod?