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Trying To Understand The Law of Attraction

by Anna Nuttall

I made a resolution at the beginning of this year to learn – or at least try to understand the law of attraction.

What is the law of attraction? It merely the ability to attract the desire of what we want by mentally focusing on it. Their a belief that if you focus hard enough – then whatever you desire will come true.

Its fascination concept and you can understand why I want to understand it. Just be mentally focusing, you can make whatever you want to happen.

I read a story once that a girl from New York visited London and fell in love with jam sandwiches. Once she got back home, she couldn’t find a particular jam brand in shops. So, she made a mental note to pick them next time she is in the UK. But a week later she found them in the shops.

That’s amazing, by mentally focusing on her jam sandwich desire – the universe made it happen. And that is in a nutshell what the law of attraction is, focus on what you want, and the universe make it happen.

But what I’m finding tricky to understand is how to attract the law of attraction. The way I picture it in my head that it like wave stream and you need to start somehow surfing on it. How do I get this wave stream to come my way?

There is one way is to write whatever you want and to stick the note close proximately to you so that you can read it daily. The theory is that it supposes to send out signals to the universe on what you want.

But my issue with doing this, it almost like sending out an empty message to a dark void and the possibilities that no one is going to answer the call.

There also another theory whereby saying quietly to yourself on what you want, you send out vibration – like an invisible sonic wave, and you are telling the universe on what you want. But once again it is sending out a message to the empty dark void with only a small chance someone will pick up.

So, there’s a couple of theories of how to attract the law of attraction, but the one I like the most is reading positive affirmations.

I recently brought some Law of Attraction oracle cards, and I’ve been using them to help me understand the concept of the universe giving us what we want.

On each card is a little positive message with an in-depth analysis on the other side. How they suppose to work is by shuffling them each day and pulling one or two cards and reading the message. The idea is that something (I don’t know how to define it) suppose to activate, and the law of attraction stream should come your way.

It still sending an empty message to the dark void, and you still hoping someone picks up the call. But I think by having something a little more robust in your hand every day, it feels like that maybe I’m surfing a little on this wave stream and perhaps, something might change, and I might get someone picking up my call. Maybe? Who knows?

Now you can understand why it has taken me so long to under the law of attraction and how I’m still sceptic about this. I think I still got a lot to learn about the law of attraction. But hopefully, these oracle cards should help me make progress.

the law of attraction

law of attraction oracle cards

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