A spur of the moment to go down and explore Cornwall beaches and coasts. Today I’m showing you pictures from Treyarnon Bay.

If I have to sum myself up with a word, it would be spontaneous. I’m someone who at a spur of a moment would decide to do something or go somewhere.

Well, guess, what I spontaneously did last week? And If you been reading this blog for a while, you shouldn’t be at all surprised.

I went down to Cornwall. A spur of a moment decision. Well, it all started when I met Mollie from Where’s Mollie at the Cosmo self-made summit, where she talked about how she started WMGT (Where’s Mollie Global Travellers) a traveller group.

Anyway, there was a Cornwall trip coming up and it was already fully booked. So I thought, ok I just wait for the next trip. But a few days before it kicked off, someone dropped out and ask if anyone would like his space. So before I knew it, I was booked and was packing my backpack for a weekend of sun, sea and surf. Ok, maybe not exactly surf.

I’m not really here to talk about WMTG, except I applause Mollie for organizing it and doing a brilliant job. If anyone looking to meet fellow like-minded travellers and just wants to get away. Then join WMGT group.

I’m here to talk about how beautiful Cornwall is. Well, more specifically how beautiful Cornwall beaches and coasts are.

I have never been that far down south in the UK. Cornwall from London is 7-8 hours away from London and it a pain to travel to. But it so worth it.

If you have to get 4 trains or spending an entire day driving down – then it so worth it as Cornwall is so beautiful.

What makes Cornwall so beautiful? It rolling (and quite steep) hillside, glowing sunset, a golden sunset and its clear blue sea.

I seriously felt like I wasn’t in the UK anymore and somehow landed around the Mediterranean Sea. I had to keep pinching myself that I wasn’t dreaming.

We stayed in a hostel where we pretty much had our own private beach. The following pictures are from Treyarnon Bay.

I won’t get into too much of what we go up to throughout the weekend. But it did involve setting up a bonfire on the beach eating melted marshmallows.

In my opinion, words don’t do it justice on how beautiful Treyarnon bay is, so I will leave you with these pictures.

I have a lot more Cornwall beaches and coasts photos to show you. Those will be coming up in the following days.