Pink is a big fashion trend this spring/summer. So It time to feel impossibly girlie by wearing top to toes pink.

Throw away your black and blue ensembles and make room for this seasons girlie new colour scheme – pink.  For any pink ladies this is the fashion trend for you.

There is also no need to wait till Wednesday to wear pink as you can now wear it all the time. This seasons be daring and wear striped pink trouser or perhaps leathery fuchsia pink jumpsuit, or go one step further and wear a metallic hot pink jacket. This colour scheme has it covered with just about every shade of pink imaginable. So there no need to fill left out.

Designers such as Valentino, Celine, Hermes, Kenzo and Givenchy all had a little bit of pink in their spring/ summer collection.

With designer’s usages of this colour it teaches us that pink isn’t just for the girlie romantic but for girls who want to make a powerful block-colour statement – black suit is out and pink Chanel suit is in.

Off course there no need to go overboard if you don’t want too. If it makes you feel more comfortable perhaps pop on a pink t-shirt with a white skirt or a pink blazer with navy blue trouser?

While this trend tells us to be daring and make a powerful statement with this colour scheme but also be yourself and be comfortable. After all, wearing too much pink could make you look like a candy floss.

Just by wearing any shade of pink is enough to make all the boys wink. A phrase my mum use to say to me all the time. Urgh I hate that phrase.  My mum would repeat this to me every time she forced me into something pink. Though I would giggle to myself as I highly doubt it I would exactly make any boys wink.

Anyway if you are a fan of this spring/summer fashion colour scheme, then It time to feel impossibly girlie by wearing top to toes pink.

Top To Toes Pink



Collared shirt
£390 –

Pink shirt
£8.07 –

Pink top
£135 –

Red t shirt
£6.45 –

WithChic long coat
£33 –

Red skirt
£19 –

Adidas Originals sneaker
£40 –

Pink sunglasses
£31 –

£8.61 –

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow
£17 –