One of my absolute favorite things to do in the entire universe is to have a spa day. Here are my top 5 reasons on why I love a spa day.

I said it before and I will say again – I am a spaholic. There’s absolutely nothing better in the entire universe is to have a spa day. Just love having that one day to myself, I can let all my troubles be a distance memories and just spend the day chillaxing.

We all know modern life is so hectic and full of stressful situation – we often don’t take the time to just chill out and put our mind to rest.

I was guilty of this a few years ago, when I worked in retail my life was hectic and extremely stressful. I found it impossible to just relax. There were days when my mind was racing at 800mph – with no chance of hitting the brake.

Since I became self-employed and I now work from home, I came off the freeway/motorway and I’m now on the slow steady lane. And quite frankly I couldn’t be happier.

Since leaving that life behind, I’ve taken the time to be one with myself. To be in touch with my zen and to look after number 1. And off course this mean – taken the time to pamper myself.

Here are my top 5 reasons on why I love a spa day. It gives me……

A chance to relax and unwind:

As I go to the gym every day, I feel I need a day to rest my body and to release any tension that are in my muscle. Nothing wrong with that. So on a spa day I like to lie on a sun lounger and just relax and unwind. Or have a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi, or in maybe have a deep aromatherapy massage.

A chance to be away from everyday technology:

Having a spa day mean I’m not chained to my desk or constantly looking at my phone. It a day when I’m away from all of that. I leave my phone in the locker and I’m not worrying about emails or Facebook updates.  I don’t even bring my kindle with me – if I want to read a book I take a paperbook.

top 5 reasons on why I love a spa day

A chance to detox the body and to live healthier:

When I’m at a day spa, I use that time to detox my body and to eat healthier. I never bring any snacks with me as I want my body to have a day off from all unhealthy foods we all guilty of eating. A lot of the spa I have visited has fruits laying around, so I always helps myself to that. Or it has a little café where they prepare you a healthy meal. I once eaten the nicest potato salad as a spa – and this if coming from a girl who doesn’t really like salad.

A chance to try out all the treatments:

A spa day would not be complete if you didn’t have a spa treatment. Oh my god that is the best thing about having a spa day. I love treating myself to facials or a deep massage. The fun thing about having a treatment is trying it once and to see how it go. I once had a treatment where I was covered in rose petals and then wrapped like a burrito. Yes, it’s an odd description but my skin felt amazing after and it was just bliss.

A chance to have a deep clean of the skin:

When I’m at spa day It give my skin a special kind of glow. Whenever I leave my skin is always healthier and glowing. This is due to facts that I unclogged all my pores by going in all the sauna and steam room.  It been proven that steam helps the skin pore and I see the different every time I go, So I know it works. I once went to a spa where they had a minty/eucalyptus steam room and it really feel so refreshing to sit in as it helps you breathe better.


That was my top 5 reasons why I love a spa day. If you excuse me I’m going to book one now. Are you going to book a spa day?