Lately, I have been having this crazy obsession with Etsy. It has given me a chance to discovered some amazing items that I wouldn’t see anywhere else. So here are my top 5 Etsy Shops I love.

As I was saying, I have been having this crazy obsession with Etsy. I will find myself spending endless amount of hours browsing the website or I would be flicking through everything on their apps while trying to watch TV.

Needless to say I have spent quite a lot over the last couple of months. It getting to point where my husband is thinking of somehow putting a block so I can’t go on their anymore. Don’t worry I will be showing you over the coming weeks on what I have been buying.

Anyway I have found quite a few Etsy shops that I just love. So I thought I will be showing a small selection. These Etsy shops are a mixtures of fashion, jewelries, accessories and home décor.

I advise you to start making your own Etsy shops wish list.

Wishes On the Wind

my top 5 Etsy Shops I loveForget Me Not Necklace

my top 5 Etsy Shops I loveHydrangea Necklace


I have featured this shop before, but as I love them so much I thought I would mention them again.

A love of nature, gardens, flowers, birds, fairies, fairy tales, trees, woodland walks, dandelions, a sprinkle of magic, a whole load of love and Wishes on the Wind was born. Wishes on the Wind jewelry is a true labour of love from the seed of thought for a new design to the finished product.

Not to mention of course a huge love for jewelry design and passion for creating unique one of a kind items for all to love.

I gain a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and from my husband and son, they mean everything to me. another lot of inspiration comes from my childhood which was a magical time, I hope this innocence and playfulness shines through in my creations.

I love to work with eco resin, (A very beautiful crystal clear resin:) This resin is pine oil based unlike most other commonly used petroleum-based resins therefore great on the environment, greener and happier jewelry all round.

My collection of jewelry draws on the environment, using eco-friendly materials and a belief that what is pure and natural holds the most beauty.


If you like to have lots of pretty prints in the home, then you will love this shop.

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Wall Prints

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Pink Wall Prints

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Butterfly Wall Prints

Welcome. My name is Lisa Pineau. I am the owner, curator and designer at Wall + Wonder Home Decor which began in 2014 when I was laid off from my corporate marketing job.

I was sitting at my kitchen table, pinning dinner ideas when I got another rejection email for a job that I half wanted and half dreaded getting. While I wanted the stability of a permanent “JOB” for the sake of my family, it dawned on me then that I wanted to take charge of my future. This realization combined with free time to get to those DIY projects around the house including wall art for my bedroom, when the seed for Wall + Wonder was planted. I felt like life had offered me a sweet solution.

Now, my 9-5 looks a little different. I find joy in helping people find their perfect little item to complete their decor projects.

Maybe you are putting together a nursery. The walls are painted, the crib is ready but it doesn’t feel personal and magical enough to bring your bundle of joy who you are waiting to meet and you want everything perfect.

Or are you at that exciting milestone in your life where you have bought your first home. It still has the old paint colors and you can’t wait to start redecorating. You already have 784 pins in your “Dream Home” board so you’ve got some narrowing down to do. What were the Pantone colors of the year again?

In whatever room… your dorm, your office, your nursery, your living room, Wall and Wonder is here to make the connection between the current home decor trends and making them your own for a long time to come.


I found this and it make think of David and Goliath. Lots of cool t-shirt and colourful slogans.

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Starry Night Dress

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Alpaca Watch

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Ladybird Earrings

All Cakes with Faces products feature 100% original designs, by UK graphic artist Amy Crabtree, inspired by Japanese culture and kawaii.

I love Japan and the cute Japanese design style, and lots of my designs feature food (and cakes!) with faces. Cakes with Faces’ aim is to make you smile, and help everyone be more colourful.

Starting a t-shirt brand had been my dream, so one day I decided to go for it and booked a stall at MCM London Comic Con in 2011, with a line of just five t-shirt designs. It was a lot of work, but so much fun, and I’ve been doing comic cons ever since, and selling my artwork online. In summer 2014 I finally quit my day job and now run Cakes with Faces full time.

Cakes with Faces has been nominated for four NEO Awards (Best Specialist Company), and featured in The Guardian Gift Guide, BBC Radio, NEO Magazine, Your Cat, the Cat’s Protection magazine, Sky TV, Clutter and as part of Small Business Saturday’s 100 small businesses. George Osborne called me “the most colourful person who’s ever been at Downing Street”.


I found this one day when I was looking to find some cool home décor items. I’m in love with these pillows.

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Hot Air Balloon Cushion

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Badger Pillow

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Alice In Wonderland Pillow

My name is Kelly and I’m the face behind FabFunky Pillows and Cushions

I’m a totally self-taught artist and a HUGE animal lover and currently live with four big dogs, and my husband, right by the sea in West Sussex on the south coast of the UK. We are really lucky to live with an amazing beach right on our doorstep where we can walk the dogs each day.

I’ve had the privilege of living with many animals during my lifetime and have learned to appreciate all of their unique personalities and funny little quirks, and it’s this that inspires my artwork.


This caught my eyes as these pendents reminded me of something my gran would wear. Very unique.

my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Dolphins Necklace


my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Succulent Necklace


my top 5 Etsy Shops I love

Owl Necklace

My name is Hadas Kol. I am a mother of three little treasures, a designer and creative artist that lives and creates in beautiful Davis, California.

Every day brings a new adventure…

I am always running into new ideas pursuing my passion for art and craft making.

I am proud and excited to share with you my new glass art pendants collection.

Hope you will love them too.


And those were my top 5 Etsy shops that I have been loving. Let me if anything has caught your eyes and also please do share your favorite Etsy shops.

(This post does contain affiliate links, but I have tried out these Etsy shops. I will never put anything I hasn’t used myself.)