my top 5 blogging advice for newbie bloggers

It seems by many bloggers, there so many advice on what to do and not to do with your blogs. It can get a little confusing.  So here my top 5 blogging advice for newbie bloggers.

Every day I see on my Facebook feed people asking for blogging advice. ‘How do you do this’ Or ‘how to do that’.  There seem to me to be a conflict of information. One bloggers would give you the advice of doing something on your blog to achieve whatever you were asking for.  While another would tell you it completely wrong and you should be doing something else.

My god, it’s so confusing and will leave your head spinning. It must be very confusing for any newbie bloggers to find the right blogging advice.  So I aimed to help you with this. Here are my top 5 blogging advice for newbie bloggers. I don’t aim at them to be the correct piece of advice. I aim these advices at being the most helpful to you. So often people are dead set on their piece of advice to be the correct one – it often doesn’t help you in the short or long term.

I want to give you my top 5 blogging advice that will help your blog and help your grow your presence online. Without further ado. Here we go:

Be yourself:

Ok, so your thinking – this isn’t going to help your blog and online presence.  Honestly, it will. If you’re that girl who love pink hair and religiously love ASOS, then be yourself and tell people why you love pink hair and love ASOS. Tell people about your style by writing on what your love. Or what you hate. If you like extreme sports, then write about it. This can connect you with other people who love extreme sports and you can form a niche group.  Just be you and be comfortable being you. This will help grow your blog and online presence. It will make people connect on who you are. So don’t wear a mask online and be you.

Write with passion:

I once had this blogging job where I had to write about plumbing twice a week. It was the most boring and dull job ever.  I found myself unmotivated to write just a simple article. So moral of the story, write something that you are passionate about. Don’t write something you will eventually hate. Write about something you adore, this could be kitten or puppies. Write about your life, let your blog be a diary. Overall write something that will interest you.

Don’t worry about all the technical Jargons in the beginning:

If you just want a simple space where you can blog about kitten, then focus on that. My advice is to not worry about all the technical jargons in the beginning and just focus on your blog. Just focus on your writing. If the term ‘SEO’ confuse you and you are trying to learn about it – don’t worry about it for now and just build a place where you can write.  If you heard people mentioning ‘do or no follow’, then don’t be consumed by it for the time being. Seriously, think why you started a blog and just focus on your writing. Once you feel ready, then you can learn all the technical jargons.

 my top 5 blogging advice for newbie bloggers


Don’t focus on being perfect:

Nobody in life is perfect. And that relate to your blog. Stop the obsessions with the perfect blog. Stop trying to have every photos looking like a glossy magazine photoshoot. Stop trying to have the perfect video, the perfect themes and the perfect blog post.  No blog online is perfect, along as you think your blog is perfect and you are happy with it – that all that matter. You know how in mean girls, the plastics always wanted to be the most popular perfect girls – well you don’t want to end up like them. We all know how that ended up.

Stand your ground:

We all encounter a troll in the past, haven’t we. The kind of people who hide behind their computer screen and bash the hell out of you for fun. I’ve been there – done that. Criticisms will come at you in all corner of you blogs. There will be people who love what you are doing, while other will hate it and will try to tear you down.  Be firm and always stand your ground. Don’t let trolls tear down your enjoyment. I often found, there will be other people who will help you with standing your ground.


And those were my top 5 blogging advice for newbie bloggers. I hoped that has helped you and feel free to contact me if you ever in need of a blogging advice. I’m always happy to help.