Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your blog


There are hundreds different blog posts explaining on how to go about starting a blog so there is no point in me repeating with what other people has already been saying. So a good starting point for me is to start off on why you should choose WordPress for your blog or even for your business website.

I have been using WordPress for 10 years now and I know it inside out, it is in my eye the best CMS there is.  I will go through my top 10 reasons on why you should choose WordPress for your blog:

  1. It Free. Oh yes you don’t need to pay a penny for it! It’s free to download and free for installation. Another good thing is that there is a lot of themes that are free as well, or if you find yourself stuck with an error then it’s free to use their support forum.
  2. It’s So Easy To Use. In my eyes WordPress is the most simpler and less complicated CMS there is and believe you me I have tried a lot of CMS In my time as social media coordinator. It’s so easy to pick up and to use instantly without any fuss.
  3. Completely Customisable. A WordPress theme is so much easier to customize than any other CMS. A lot people worry that they need to know complicated html – no you don’t as a lot theme has ‘theme options’ which help with letting you pick the colours you want or letting you simple insert your logo in a widget.
  4. Complete Control. There is no need to contact a web designer when you want to change something or the need to access your ftp every time you want to upload something. The WordPress admin area let you take control on nearly everything on your site, so if you want to upload something then you can do that within the WordPress admin area.
  5. Security. If you are worried then you will lose all your blog posts or worried about how secure the admin area really is, then you don’t need to be. Over the year the developers of WordPress has made it very secure, by closing any loop hole of any security measures.
  6. SEO Friendly. The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple, which makes it easier for search engines to read the site’s content. This mean that every pages, posts and images can have its own Meta tag keywords, description and title, and be optimised for specific keywords. A quote from Matt Cutts, the Software Engineer at Google says, “Google loves WordPress as it automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”.
  7. Completely Mobile Friendly. There a WordPress app you can use if you find yourself away from the desk. This mean if you want to update or look at your WordPress site while on the phone or tablet then you can. It also really easy to design a mobile/responsive website as a lot of theme now are mobile responsive friendly.
  8. Community. If you wished for more than one person to write or to use the admin area then you can easily set up an additional user access. This is great if you wish to set up group blog or feel the need to have multiple users.
  9. Plugins. If there is something you really wish to do with your site whether it turning into an ecommerce or a community forum then you can. There is plugins for everything you need, it also help you find additional security measure and fun little thing you can do with your readers.
  10. Social Media Friendly. There a plugin that will let you directly post onto your Facebook page with one click, so no messing around with copy and pasting. There is also an option to add Facebook or Twitter directly onto the site.


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Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your blog

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