It that little gremlin that popped up once a month and just completely wrecks our lives. Here how to overcome PMS.

Yeah, it little gremlin that likes to pop up in your life, unannounced and just completely wreck your entire existence for a good few days. When that gremlin appears your hormones just go out of the window and leave you as an emotional wreck.

Well, it always leaves me as an emotional wreck. Oh my god! Once those tears have come – that it. Waterworks full steam ahead. There no stopping me. I once turned up to work crying my eyes out, everyone was asking what wrong; All I could do while sniffling says I do know. Urgh, the embarrassment.

One of the reasons why I started working from home, was so that I could somehow control my hormones and not be such an emotional wreck.

But no matter, how you control it. PMS is quite frankly a bitch that us girls have to suffer with. And if you’re reading this and thinking, ‘nope, I don’t suffer from PMS’; You are a stronger person than I am and one of the lucky few who doesn’t.

One minute you’re going about your day, perfectly happy. But then out of the blue, the thunder strike and the gremlins will pop up to say hello. The smallest thing can change you like Hulk. No more little miss nice girl.

If left unchecked, PMS can cause long-term damage, such as depression and other mental health problem. Think I’m joking, a girl I went to school with attempted suicide as she didn’t want to have PMS/period anymore. Last I heard she was in a hospital or a special home.

Fortunately, that never happens to me, partly as my mum could see when I was an emotional wreck and gave me some tips (which I will share with you, very shortly) on how to overcome PMS.

So here are some tips on how to overcome PMS. I’m not an expert here and I’m not just sharing my mum’s tips which she passed down to me, but I’m now passing down to you all. I’m also passing down a few trial and error that I have found worked for me. This is also a follow-up post I wrote on 5 ways to relieve period pain. Yeah, that other connected gremlin bitch that makes you feel that way that you do.


The first rule on how to overcome PMS is to talk. That girl I mentioned earlier never talked. She would hide away and never speak to anyone. I once found her in the school bathroom crying her eyes, I tried to comfort her but she became angry. I thought the only thing to do is to get a teacher – which I did. Here is a more informative website where you can go to talk to someone.

So when you are an emotional wreck go and talk to someone. For me when that gremlin appears and causes havoc on my hormones, I go cuddle and talk to my husband.

No matter how bad it is, there always someone you can talk to.

 Drink water:

Put down that can of cola and start drinking water. Believe it or not but water can calm down your hormones. When PMS strike it releases a hormone, where it will make your heartbeat faster. So drinking a glass of water calm the heart rate and stop your temper flaring up.

Have a bar of chocolate:

No, I’m not joking here. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m a chocoholic. But scientists has found by eating chocolate it releases a feel good hormones and can make you feel happy. So yeah have a bar of chocolate. But only have the good organic stuff – none of that cheap stuff.


I’m sure you read every advice column on the planet and it all say that the best way to overcoming PMS is to exercise. Blah blah blah. I’m sure it sounds really boring but yeah it completely true. Do 10 minutes’ worth of exercise and you will feel a lot better. Get some of that endorphin in you.

Ignore the craving:

Sure it might be really tempted to eat that whole plate of fries. But really do you want to put on weight? You know what they say, one minute on the lips – forever on the hips. So my advice is to ignore the craving and be strong against your willpower. Get your other half or someone to lock the kitchen cardboard or put all the bad food out eyesight. Out of sight – out of mind.


If it just been that kind of day, then go to bed and sleep. Personally, I bloody love my sleep so any excuse to curl in bed is always good in my book. Just close your eyes and let your mind wander.


Those were my tips on how to overcome PMS. Let me know if you have any to add.

how to overcome PMS