5 Quick Tips On Blog Photography

If you are trying to learn how to take good quality photos for your blog. Here are 5 quick tips on blog photography and how you can improve overnight.

I will admit it took me a few good years to really get to grips with blog photography. It didn’t really help that I had a little compact camera and it only had limited function. It also didn’t help that I didn’t have Adobe Photoshop either and I had a crappy slow computer.

That was until I decided to upgrade and get a ‘big girl’ camera, where I would stop using my little compact camera and buy a Canon 600D. Best investment ever.

Going from a little compact camera to a DSLR was one of life best decisions. Sound silly doesn’t it? But it really was. As overnight my photos instantly improved.

Ok, I wasn’t exactly creating a masterpiece as I still often would get out of focus or blurry images. It happens, especially when trying to learning.

But I did have a teacher, helping me learn. So I wouldn’t on my own. I also watched photography YouTube videos and reads blog posts on technic.

Fast forward, I now had my Canon 600D, I also invested in Adobe Photoshop and I also no longer had a crappy slow computer. Slowly, but surely I found myself getting there in the end.

What I mean is, I eventually found my photography improving. Practice make perfect is the saying.

I’m no by mean, suddenly now an expert – but I feel I’m confident enough to share my knowledge and tips on blog photography with you. So you can improve and for you to create gorgeous for your blog.

Here are 5 quick tips on blog photography and how you can improve overnight. Just remember this one rule: practice makes perfect. So keep practising and keep going.

Natural Light:

I’m sure you heard this before – but yes the natural light is very important. Which kind of sucks for me as our place has very limited natural light. Our natural light stream early in the morning and almost disappear in winter. So I’m constantly having to time it just right.

My advice if shooting indoor: is to go for a big open window and make sure it on a sunny day when lots of natural light can come in. Avoid sunlight, as I find it does blow out the image. Ie: avoid sunlight stream.

If you got an open area like a balcony or a garden, try and do your shooting there. Just try and work if it the right lighting environment on what you are trying to achieve.


When taking outfit pictures, sure the main focus of the photo is you. But also the surrounding area and what is going on behind you.

So always think of your backdrop and if the area around you, is the kind of photo you want to portray. What I mean is, while you might have a pretty pink dress on and look ultra-glamorous, you don’t want to be standing behind or next to a rubbish bin, don’t you?

My favourite kind of backdrop is a rose/flowers bush or a big open grass area.

Always think of what it looks like behind you and the surrounding area.

Have fun with Editing:

I actually think editing is the most fun part when doing blog photography, as you can just play around. I have already explained briefly how to edit a photo in Photoshop Camera Raw Filter, and how much freedom it gives you to do whatever you want.

One way I have fun with editing is using preset. Some other bloggers are for them –  while some against. It let you put an ‘Instagram’ filter on your camera, and in my view – often will just give the photo a finishing touch.  But it entirely up to you. I like using presets as it can be quite fun when editing and give my photos a vintage style film looks to them.

Focus on the subject:

Say you are photographing a new lipstick, you want it to be in focus and to be in the centre of attention. I.e. drawing the attention to the person viewing the photos.  Always focus on the subject and frame it where it is immediately what you are trying to portray.

Don’t try to make it too messy and add all kind of props, it just draws the attention away and takes away the main subject of the photo.

Use a white layout:

When doing a flat lay photo or you just want a plain backdrop, then my advice is to use a white layout. This could be a large sheet of paper. Or, you can invest in a white curtain blind. Sound silly, but it a large white area and it gives a professional studio look to the photos. You can also use wallpaper and just your desk area.

I find a white layout, help, reflect and brighten the light. Especially if you are in a dim area of natural light.


Those were my 5 quick tips on blog photography. These are only a starting point – trust me I have so much more to say. Let me know, which area you would like me to cover next.

What do you think?

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  • Cindy
    July 20, 2018

    Hey Anna, Cindy here.
    Great post!
    Yeh, using my Photoshop Elements is a life saver for me, ‘cuz I DO photograph next to a garbage bin! Lol. This is what I have now, I hope to have better in the future—But, I photograph my outfits at the back of our house, in the shade, using a fence post as a tripod. It’s just me, my camera and a fence post!! So, that’s why I need my PE so much: to cut me out (remove the background) and to correct the color of light and give more contrast…AND to remove unsightly blemishes!! Do you think for a minute, I would show the world what I REALLY look like? Not a chance!!

  • Soffy
    July 20, 2018

    I’ve only just recently began focussing on my photography so this is very useful thanks! #BlogCrush

  • Nati
    July 20, 2018

    Loving these tips – thank you for sharing! Buying a camera is the biggest blogging investment I’ve made and I definitely don’t regret it!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Nati x | http://www.curatedbynati.com | @curatedbynati

  • Lucy At Home
    July 25, 2018

    I work really hard on my blog photography, but I only have a camera phone. However, thinking carefully about photo composition can still result in some great shots, and the tips you’ve given here are really useful. I try to take my photos outside whenever possible as my phone doesn’t cope well with indoor lighting. One day I hope to invest in a “proper” camera because I do love photography #blogcrush

  • Anna Nuttall
    July 26, 2018

    Hi Lucy, hopefully you will like a post I have planned next week which will help you. xx

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5 Quick Tips On Blog Photography

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