If you are in need to explore more of the UK countryside and want to see amazing view and be somewhere peaceful. May I recommend Tintagel Coast.

This will be my last post on my weekend away in Cornwall, I have showed you Newquay Beach and Treyarnon Bay. Judging by the fact I was only down in Cornwall for 2 days, I did fit in a lot of things.

Anyway, on my last day, we (when I say, I don’t mean husband and I like it usually is, – I mean I went to with WMGT group) went for a hike around Tintagel coast.

Tintagel is a small village north of Cornwall and I can only describe it as ‘quaint’. I didn’t see much of the village – as we were more focus on the hike – but it’s essentially a small quaint English village; complete with its own castle (which we didn’t explore – boo) and a witch shop. No that wasn’t a typo – yes it has a witch shop, named Willow Moon, I didn’t go in – but made it my mission to go back sometime and visit.

I was more focus on the hike and exploring Tintagel Coast. Now let me be honesty with you, I haven’t done a hike for a long time. Ok it has been quite a few years since I did my last hike. So I was a little out of practice but I’m a good little walker so I couldn’t see any problem with doing it.

Now the thing with Cornwall, especially the area surrounding Tintagel is that it very hilly. It not a flat piece of land – but very bumpy and very steep. Which is good as you do get very pretty view – but my god walking up a steep hill does kills your legs.

Well it killed my legs and I was one of those people in a group who was lagging behind and having to take a break to catch my breath.

Maybe I need to do more hikes to get into my groove.

I thought I would show you the photos I shot while on the Tintagel coast hike. And you would see what I mean when I say ‘spectacular view’. As it views like this isn’t something you see every day. The only thing that made me a little sad was not being able to share it with Richard, but I have made it my mission to go back with him as some point in the future.

The dog in the photos belong to one of the girl in the group I was with. It a cocker poodle and genuinely look like a real live teddy bear. He was adorable and so well behave on the hike.

I hope these photos does encourage you to visit Tintagel Coast and to see the views for yourself.

With these selection of photos, you can see more by clicking on ‘older photos’ at the bottom.

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