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Time For Tea

by Anna Nuttall
I’m not a massive tea drinker, it’s the sort of drink i would on drink if i’m over someone house and they offer you tea. However i discovered this flavor of tea and since then i have been addicted. I think the main reason why i never been a tea drinker is because i have a mild dairy tolerant, where i can only ever drink milk once a day any more of that and i start to feel sick, so i might have milk in my cereal, or have milkshake or put milk in while making scrabble eggs then i won’t have anymore for the rest of the day.
However the Twinings Double Mint Sensation is perfect to drink without milk, just tea bag and hot boiling water and its perfect to drink. The Double Mint Sensation is ‘Lush’, a mixture of peppermint oil and mint leaf and you do get a strong smell but it very pleasant and soothing.
I recommend people to try it if you can hold of a sample pack.
Have you tried it or know any other flavor tea for me try?
Anyway i’m off to put on the kettle..


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Mitha Komala 23rd November 2012 - 5:51 pm

i love to drink tea, especially milk tea ;D great review dear xx

Letters To Juliet

Danica Stark 21st May 2013 - 12:04 am

I’m a heavy tea drinker- and I’m not even English- lol :3
I drink 2 cups of tea for breakfast, sometimes 3 if I’m reading something
Then a huge jug of tea for the time between breakfast and lunch
Then a cup for dinner
Then several cups in the afternoon

I only drink the breakfast tea- :3 with a splash of milk and no sugar… :3

Danica Stark


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