I think it important for not just us bloggers, but for anyone to know all the facts before jumping to any old conclusion. This is why it important to think before you jump to the wrong conclusions.

I’m saying this as so many people often stand on their podiums on social media and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion, without knowing all the facts first. They will blurt out any old things without thinking, hold on I should perhaps think before I speak.

I like to think it just common politeness and something you would learn while growing up. But I’m seeing more and more people spurting out any of crap both online and offline, thus jumping the gun and running on 4 steps ahead; when they need to walk more slower and take those 4 steps back.

As wonderful and amazing social media and blogging are, people have seemed to forget to perhaps think before they speak and maybe analyze the situation. I’m all for free speech and that one of the reason why I love blogging so much – the freedom to write whatever I want. But you do need to remember, behind every computer/tablet screen is a real person with real emotions.

This could very well be a generation thing and perhaps I’m older and a little wiser, I try to always think before I write. I’m not the kind of a girl who is slagging off people; especially on a public forum.

Very often someone would read something on Facebook or on a blog and think, oh you’re talking about XYZ when really it has nothing to do with that person. Thus creating unnecessary drama.

Ok imagine this scenario, you are at school and you saw your best mate talking to your boyfriend; would you immediately think oh he’s cheating basted? Would you really go up to him and accuse of cheating, or would you speak to your best mate first and ask what they talking about?

That scenario works the same with online life, where you wouldn’t openly accuse a person of wrong doing, you would try to defuse the situation and get to the bottom of the truth.  Especially if you accuse them on an open forum.

I’m one of those people that can look at a situation and take an outside view; see it from an outsider perspective. I like to think of it as a superpower. If I can something been taken completely out of context, then I will speak up and defuse the drama. Not without knowing the full story first.

I will conclude that so often people do make snap judgments in a fit of rage. I mean we all seen someone having a full twitter meltdown while in a fit of rage. That’s never a good thing to do and while in a snap judgment it seems to be the most logical thing to do. Don’t and step away and perhaps think before you speak (or tweet).

My advice to any youngster or any new bloggers think before you jump to the wrong conclusions. As it will cause you drama and unnecessary pain. Look at a situation from an outsider perspective and take a step away from the computer/tablet.

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