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The Upside and Downside of Anna Nuttall

by Anna Nuttall

I haven’t done a life update on me for a very long time, so I thought now be an excellent time to change that. Let me tell you the upside and downside of Anna Nuttall.

Considering my blog name is my name, and with that, I’m putting myself out there on the big wide web. I’m quite shy, and I don’t really talk about myself that much. I have never been comfortable talking about myself.

Despite me saying this, well I’m going to try and give you a little life update. In this way, you can get more of an overall on who I am and the idea that this blog isn’t just a pointless namesake where I hide behind a blog name.

I find it easier to do it in bullet point:

  • The big worry recently is – Richard almost lost his job. Yup, he was almost going to be made redundant. I can’t go into the details, but something happens (nothing to do with him) and he almost lost his job. But as luck has it, he now had a promotion and a bigger paycheck. But for a few months, we were tearing our hair out.


  • This year was our mortgage review, which means our fixed rate mortgage was coming to an end and we would have had to be assessed and be considered for another fixed rate. I have known this was coming up since January. Once again, lady luck was on our side and we actually not needed to be re-assessed, and we could instantly reapply for a fixed rate. Bingo, overall as this means we wouldn’t need to worry about interest rate too much.


  • While all this was as happening, my income did take a little bit of a hit – but thankfully it seems to be slowly growing again. It was the cause of some worries while Richard was uncertain on the future of his job and us, having a mortgage review. But before I get a phone call from my mum – it is part of the parcel of being self-employed, and I understood the risk when decided to work for myself.


  • Because I was worrying a lot of my life outside the online world; I did put this blog on a part-time basis (this could be why my income took a hit). I stopped writing every day; I’m pretty sure no one really noticed. I’m not sure at the moment if I will go back to writing a blog every day; however, I will try and publish 4-5 time a week.


  • Having said that, I’m still a full-time blogger. I have a ton of projects I want to concentrate on. So watch this space.


  • I have been feeling a little sad lately. Anxiety keeps building up inside of me. There are times when I don’t have the confidence in being a blogger. I keep thinking I’m not good enough and there are better bloggers than me. But I find the best way is to fight through it. If I wasn’t blogging, what would I be doing instead?


  • I really need to be more discipline on going to the gym. I want you all to start nagging me. Nag me on Twitter and Instagram. Been really slacking and only going once a week – go on a force me to do more session at the gym.


That was a little life update, the upside and downside of Anna Nuttall. I will try and do more in the future. I want to keep you in the loop as much as possible.

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Lauretta Wright 4th November 2018 - 12:48 pm

Are you going to the gym soon Anna? See I’m nagging you! lol. It’s harder as the weather gets colder isn’t it? Take up an indoor team sport – that will help! xXXXX

Anna Nuttall 4th November 2018 - 12:52 pm

Haha Lauretta, you’re too funny. And yes, planning on going to the gym this afternoon. Thanks for the nag. xx

Lauretta Wright 4th November 2018 - 1:09 pm

Great to hear! Keep up the good work!!! xx


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