I wrote in March the advantages and disadvantages of being short. I have been thinking since then the trials and tribulations I have to go through on a dailies basis because I’m a 4ft10 short person.

Here is a list of the daily struggle of being short and the issues I have faced every day. I’m the kind of girl who sees the funny side of life, so all I can do is laugh and go with the flow on being short – there nothing I can do about it, so I might as well laugh about it. You know what they say, best comes in small packages.

  • When at a supermarket and never being able to reach the top selves or the stuff at the back in the refrigerator section. With me, I always have to ask the supermarket assistant for help, or if I’m shopping with my husband, I ask him.
  • When Midi dresses, look more maxi on you. Also, culottes jumpsuit being full size on you.
  • Going to a concert (and yes, feel free to laugh at my last concert was a Ricky Martin one!) and when everyone stands up you can’t see a damn thing!
  • Still having to wear children shoe size as you got small feet. I wear UK size 2!
  • Not always being able to reach the bottom of the pool as most pool is designed for 5ft people.
  • Then freaking out when your feet can’t reach the bottom of the pool.
  • Having to stand on a stool or chair to reach the top kitchen shelves.
  • Being called Mini Me by people – especially when I’m with my 5ft8 hubby; He does get called ‘Doc Evil’.
  • Being reminded by people that I’m short.
  • Having to alter every single trouser you buy.
  • Having to stand up at hairdresser so they can take your chair instead.
  • Being used as a PLP (public leaning post).
  • The constant comments on not being at least 5ft.


Any fellow short people reading this? If so, do you have anything to add?