Now it finally September, we can put away the summer dresses and start to think about Autumn fashion. So who here wants to be in the sweater gang?

So who wants to be in my gang? My gang? Ok, might not be the most appropriate song to start chanting. But seriously, who wants to be in the sweater gang?

Me, yes that is me putting my hand up – I want to be in the sweater gang. In this gang, we go around the neighbourhood wearing our best sweater while we beat anyone up who isn’t part of the gang. We also wear pink on Wednesday, we don’t really. And we don’t really beat anyone up either.

So essentially it just as a case of wearing our best sweater.

I know I said this a hundred time, yes Autumn is my favourite time of year and I’m so pleased that summer is over. But from my point of view, it just so nice to put away the summer dresses. Don’t get me wrong it nice to show some skin during the summer months, but being someone who isn’t comfortable showing too much skin on displayed it just nice to finally wrapped up and put away the flesh. Ok for the record, I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian level of skin on display – but just something as simple as showing your back or stomach. For anyone who has the confidence to show plenty of skin on display, let me give you a high five – but that just isn’t me.

So yes, that is why I’m in the sweater gang. So as I’m thinking about wrapping up and wearing warmer clothes, here a selection of sweaters that will make you want to join in the sweater gang,

Let me know which sweater you will pick to join in the sweater gang.

the sweater gang

Left – right – Top – Bottom

Willow & Paige fluffy knit jumper in stripe

Whistles funnel neck jumper

Bershka loose knit jumper in pink

ASOS DESIGN oversized jumper in bright stripe

Moon River mock neck cable knit mustard sweater

Miss Selfridge Petite bardot rainbow stripe jumper


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