If you are a fan of the classic tale of The Snowman, then you will need to see The Snowman Show at The Peacock Theatre.

I don’t tend to cover theatre on here, partly because I very rarely go them. And if I go to the theatre, then I tend to see shows that have a kind of dark humour vibes to it. Think of shows like The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q and stand-up comedy.

So you can understand why I don’t tend to write about them. My style of theatre shows tends to be a little grown-up.

Which is surprising as I recently saw The Snowman Show at The Peacock Theater, let me be blunt, it was a kid show, and as someone who has a dark sense of humour, this wouldn’t usually be my cup of tea.

But you know what, it Christmas and I’m all for with getting into the festive spirit.

Plus, I’m sure you are all familiar with the classic tale of The Snowman. You know it is going to involve a snowman (obviously) a boy, and there will be flying. So there want to be any nasty surprises.

Being traumatised as a child seeing Watership Down, The Snowman felt like a safe option to watch at Christmas time. My parents can put in on for me, and I would instantly be enchanted, and I wouldn’t suddenly come running into the kitchen crying my eyes out.

So I am familiar with The Snowman story, and I was genuinely curious to how it translated into a show.

This production does indeed follow closely to the classic film.

For example, there was not a single dialogue throughout the show. Not a single word was ever utter. So for those who are familiar with the film, this isn’t a surprise. There was also no narrator reading out the story as the show progresses.

Instead, it relies on music and dance. Every movement there was a sound effect for. The actors/actresses all mined and the choreography for all the show routines was pitch perfection.

I suppose you are wondering if it has the classic flying scene? Yes, indeed the boy and the snowman were indeed walking in the air. It was a beautiful setting, and of course there were cheers from the audiences. My only criticism was that I felt the flying scene to be short, I expected it to go on longer, but may I remember it being longer as a child.

Overall, I felt the show does a brilliant job off tugging on your heart-strings and make you smile the whole time. It also allows you to bring out your inner child and make you feel young again. The Snowman Show was a kid production, but I felt even grown-up who has a dark sense of humour would still enjoy this. Also if you a Scrooge this Christmas, by watching this all humbug will melt away instantly.

The Snowman Show at The Peacock Theatre is on now till 6th January before transferring over to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre where it will be on these dates: 16 – 26 January. My advice is to see this show before it disappears.



(I was asked to review The Snowman, it was gifted.)