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The Romance of Kew Gardens

by Anna Nuttall

If you fancy spending your day in a romantic open space surrounded by exotic plants. Then may I suggest the romance of Kew Gardens.

As I have mentioned before, when living in London, you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a maniac city.

Well that the case for me anyway, don’t get me wrong I do love the buzz of London – but sometime you just want to go somewhere for a little peace and quiet.

So last week we did exactly that, we went to one of my favorite place in London that is perfect for a little peace and quiet.

Kew Gardens. Now I have covered Kew Gardens before, so I won’t go into great details on this botanic gardens.

In my view I always found Kew Gardens to be so romantic.  Well it is. Ok I’m sure some will view a candlelight dinner with champagne is romantic, and don’t get me wrong it is. But walking around a beautiful open garden looking at exotic plants and having the space to pounder life important questions is my idea of a romantic time.

Richard and I has been visiting Kew Gardens since we pretty first started dating. One of our first date is spending a day at Kew Gardens. I like to think that those early dates at Kew Gardens is what made us closer and made us the couple we’re today.

In all seriousness, while some view Kew Gardens as a horticulture paradise. I view it as somewhere to find that peace and quiet and to get to be one with nature.

If like me and not really into gardening, then find a spot on the grass and spend your time instead mediating and pounder those life important questions.  What we like to do when we visit, is find a nice grass area and look up to the clouds and see if we can find shapes in them.

Another thing we like to do is visit the café and have a cold glass of lemonade and a slice of cake. Can’t go somewhere like Kew Gardens and not have cake!

I must tell you about Mr. Squirrel, the friendliest squirrel in Kew Gardens. There I was sitting on the bench minding my own business while I was waiting around for my husband when a squirrel decided to sit next to me.  He wasn’t scared of me and quickly ran off into the tree, infect it looked lonely and wanted me to keep his company, ok not really – he properly was looking for some nuts. I sadly didn’t have any, but he was very tamed around me and kept trying to sit next to me. He was also more than happy to pose for me. Maybe he wasn’t looking for nuts, he perhaps just wanted his photos taken.

As I was walking away, Mr. Squirrel did try to follow me but soon gave up and decided to stay back at his beloved tree.

Now, if you don’t believe me with the romance of Kew Gardens; then let these pictures do the talking and perhaps you will get to meet Mr. Squirrel.

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1 comment

Sally 17th October 2018 - 6:34 pm

I don’t know why I haven’t been to Kew Garden yet. It always looks amazing. Maybe now is the time. I remember seeing a documentary about how some of the trees got damaged in the storm of 1987 and it really made me feel sad! I always fancied the orchid festival there.


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