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The Ritual of Banyu

by Anna Nuttall

As you will know by now, I’m a fan of Rituals. So, of course, I picked up a new range to try out. Let me show you The Ritual of Banyu.

I was shopping outside of London recently, and I came across a Rituals shop, like a moth to a flame I naturally went in. As always with me, there was one thing that caught my eyes, and it was The Ritual of Banyu.

Now if you are familiar with me, you would know I’m a big fan of Rituals. Their products always make my skin super soft and smell amazing. Plus, I love how products have its philosophy and a deeper meaning, rather than the generic description for skincare products.

Anyway, I’m here to show you The Ritual of Banyu.

Inspired by an ancient Balinese ceremony, The Ritual of Banyu honours water as the source of all energy, evoking purity and clarity. source celebrates its flowing wisdom and helps you wash away the physical and spiritual dust of everyday life. Shower yourself in the goodness of giant kelp and Bali sea salt and find well-being in its nourishing embrace.


The Ritual of Banyu

Now I picked up a special gift set, which contained:

  • The Ritual of Banyu jump into the sea body cream.
  • The Ritual of Banyu sea treasure shower foam.
  • The Ritual of Banyu purifying sea salt scrub.

Each product contained, giant kelp and Bali sea salt. What so special about those ingredients?

  • Bali sea salt is rich in minerals and nutrients and has the power to exfoliate, revitalise and detoxify the skin.
  • Kelp is known for its skin soothing and moisturising properties and is often used to revitalise the skin.

So how did I get on?

The Ritual of Banyu jump into the sea body cream.

Create an instant island holiday feeling for your skin and your soul with this limited edition body cream from The Ritual of Banyu. Containing cooling properties and enriched with purifying Bali sea salt and hydrating giant kelp, this rich body cream revitalises your skin and is a perfect after-sun solution.

I only wish I discovered this, during the heatwave of the summer; as this gives me such an instant cooling, refreshing feeling on the skin. Feel like I just washed my skin in special smelling ice, or sprayed myself with perfume water.

The smell, well I can only describe that as – it smells of perfume water. Not overpowering and it a pleasant smell.

I really like this body cream and as always made my skin very soft. I wish I can give more of a description then soft, but really that’s only the thing that spring to mind. It really does make your skin super soft.

The Ritual of Banyu sea treasure shower foam.

Create a beautiful island feeling under the shower with this limited edition foaming shower gel from The Ritual of Banyu. Featuring Bali sea salt and giant kelp, the gel transforms into a creamy, luxurious foam when it comes in contact with water. It leaves your skin feeling nourished and your soul revitalised.

This is already a firm favourite of my husband. He loved The Ritual of Dao shower foam, and so far he loves this one.

Then apply a small amount of gel on damp skin, it foams up and creating lots of lovely bubbles. But if you are not a fan of bubbles, don’t worry – as once your lather onto the skin it soon disappears.

Yup, I could smell the perfume water – but once again it wasn’t, and I found it pleasant.

This is nice to use while having a shower and wanting the instant soft skin. I also found it was good on any dry area of the skin.

The Ritual of Banyu purifying sea salt scrub.

Take your skin on a beautiful island holiday with this limited edition body scrub from The Ritual of Banyu. Based on a rich combination of purifying Bali sea salt and hydrating giant kelp, the scrub removes dead skin cells to make room for a revitalised new skin. Specially developed to nourish summer skin and prolong your tan.

This is another product I wish I discovered when it was a dry, hot summer. As with the body cream, I found once on the skin; it instantly has that refreshing cooling effect.  As with a lot of scrubs, this works best with damp skin.

Now I have said this before, but I like how scrub exfoliates the skin and get rid of the dry, dead skin. This scrub is no exception. This did exfoliate and help me remove the dry, dead layer of skin.

The smell was of perfume water. But I honestly didn’t notice it much when applying on skin.

A gentle scrub to take with you if going somewhere hot and suffer from dry skin in the heat.


The one thing I thought of while using The Ritual of Banyu, was it would be so lovely to use in a hot climate. It would be so lovely to go to the Maldives, use an open-air shower and have these products with me. But for now, I can only dream.

As with almost every Rituals product, this made my skin super soft and seemed to have done it usual trick.

If you are going on holiday, or want an instant refresh for the skin after a stressful week; then use The Ritual of Banyu. You will not be disappointed.

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