The Pinafore Trend for Spring 2019

As we now officially in spring and we can finally kick winter to the curb, I have noticed that the high streets are filled with lots of lovely spring fashion. But there is one spring fashion trend that has caught my eyes lately, and that is pinafore. This makes me very happy as I love pinafore.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the time or day, there’s a pinafore for everything and everyone. Pinafore is one of those wardrobe investments that will never stop giving as It’s a real wear-me all year round piece.

While some of you older kids might remember pinafore from the 90s and the Clueless era, hand up, I’m certainly one of the 90s older kids who does remember. While growing up, pinafore was my go-to item, and I use to wear it all the time. I have memories of going shopping with my mum and dressing up in my best pinafore and thinking I was such a cool kid.

The question I’m sure you must be asking is, how do you wear a pinafore? Well, the answer is rather simple. Team a pinafore with a black roll-neck top and a big pendant necklace for that 90s nostalgic or perhaps team it with a denim jacket and some pumps for a casual day out. Or for smart office wear, a white blouse with a pinafore and a blazer should do the trick and when out of office hour, perhaps lose the blazer and accessorise the outfit with bright jewellery.

So if you are in the mood to remix your spring wardrobe and wanting to lose the midi/maxi dress or perhaps wanting to get out of wearing your usual style, then the pinafore trend for spring 2019 might be just what you need.

One final question, are you ready to nail the pinafore trend for spring 2019? If so, take your pick from the best one below.

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The Pinafore Trend for Spring 2019

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