Sometimes in life, you find the right dress at the right moment in time. This is that one moment, where the stars are aligned and you just happened to find the perfect red dress.

Remember two years ago, I showed you a red dress I bought from Sainsbury’s, but it was the wrong size and length on me? Well, it has taken me since then to find the perfect red dress.

But ta-da, I have very recently finally found the perfect red dress. By accident may I add – and also without really thinking about it.

You see, I was at my local House of Fraser minding my own business – no really I was. I went in there as a shortcut through to my bus stop. Anyway, while in there, I thought I might as well see what sales items they have in the fashion department. I do love a good House of Fraser Sale. It on my way, it was no hassle and all I had to do is go up the escalator to the second floor, so it would have been foolishly not to pass by the fashion department.

With my feet leading the way, I went up on the escalator to the second floor to have a look round. My local House of Fraser has an Oasis concession, so that happens to be my first stop.

Yes, I think you know where this going. There is hit me like a lightning bolt, a ray of sunshine and angelic music started mysteriously playing, I saw my perfect red dress. The perfect red dress I have been searching for my whole life. Ok not my whole life, but since I made it my mission to find that perfect red dress.

It was fate, it was destiny and more importantly – it was a happy ending. And the best part of it, it was on sale with 70% off its original price. What more could I ask for?

So last week, with me now finding the perfect red dress I decided to wear it while exploring Notting Hill.  I was at the time on the hunt to find a biscuit cafe and that place happen to be in Notting Hill, so I thought I would kill two birds with one store. Visit this biscuit cafe, and do a quick outfit of the day pictures.

I almost wasn’t going to published these pictures, but I really wanted to show you the perfect red dress. Ok the problem is with me when having my photos taken, I’m very light sensitive and when any sun hit – I’m blind as a bat. So I usually wear sunglasses and everything is fine.

Except for this time, I didn’t bring it with me. I know foolish of me and yes I was an idiot, but it was 50-50% I might not take any photos as it was forecast to rain. Silly me didn’t pick up my shades and took my chance.

This is why I have a peculiar expression on my face. Fortunately, I was shooting with my husband who was quite patient with me and let me try to adjust to the sunlight brightness.

While on the subject of these photos, yes I also so realize my shoes doesn’t quite match up to my dress and look a little – odd. Any Londoner will tell you, in London, you need good walking shoes. I once walked from one end of London to the next in kitten heels and my feet were dead by the end of it. So now I just wear my practical old sneaker for all occasion.

And the last thing about these pictures – it made me realize how much I need to do my root again or give it some fresh colour. Either way, urgh I need to do something about my hair.

The hunt is over, the stars have finally been aligned and everything is all good in my world (well except my hair, but let ignore that for the moment). I have found the perfect red dress.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

the perfect red dress the perfect red dress the perfect red dress