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Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. And yes, that can only mean one thing – Anna Nuttall Halloween special.

Yup, it back and more spookiest than before. If you are new here, then let me say that I like to celebrate Halloween in a big way. I like to go all out for Halloween, and that includes on this blog. So days leading up to 31st October I will have bone-chilling posts that will leave a shiver down your spine. So without further ado, dime the lights, sit back and be ready for the fright of your life. *Insert evil laugh*.

Now previous years I have shared my spooky tale of ghost stories, mysterious ticking and things that goes bump in the night. I thought this year we mix it up a little and include all thing paranormal.

It isn’t just ghosts and ghouls that make things go bump in the night. There have been many reports of mysterious lights and strange encounter at the midnight hour. What could it mean? Are we not alone?

Well, I like to think that we are not alone in the universe. With billions and billions of stars out there – It kind of silly to believe that not one of them support life.

Do I believe that little green men visited us? Yes, I do, and I also do believe that Roswell was a covered-up for a UFO landing and Area 51 is a secret Alien base on earth.

It right out of the X-Files and all the conspiracy theories that dominate the internet. Trust me, on a lonely evening; I like to frighten myself by going down that rabbit hole.

But did you know that I think I seen a UFO? I’m not a 100% sure – but let me tell you the tale.

It was when I was young, not sure how old. But I was still home with my parents and going to school.  Anyway, we had a neighbour who had a lot of complicated health issues. It was not unusual to see an ambulance outside her house. Occasionally for an unknown reason, this person would get picked up by a helicopter. You can tell when the helicopter was coming as it made a loud noise, they would also close the road so it could land.

Anyway one evening, we heard the ambulance sirens and police coming to close off our road, I could see all the lights from my bedroom window.  The helicopter came, and it made a loud noise like it always does.

But then this is where things got strange. The helicopter came and picked up this person. My dad and I would look at the window to see what going on. We could see the helicopter landing, picking up the person and then flies off.

But for 2-4 hours after this happen and the helicopter been and gone, we could see this big black object with yellow/golden lights hovering in the air. It wasn’t making a sound – entirely and utterly silent.

This black object just stood there in the night sky, not doing a lot. My dad and I were both puzzled as it didn’t seem like the helicopter we would usually see.

The black object suddenly disappeared behind the trees, and I never saw it again.

Now, I do think it was a police/ambulance helicopter as they would usually make a loud announcement. Oh, by the way, we also lived near a prison and it not unusual to see police helicopter at night time. So we could usually tell when a police/ambulance helicopter was flying.

Once the helicopter been and gone, the whole street would go silent and go back to normal.

It was just black object – blacker than the night sky just hovering and not making a single noise. I remember the golden/yellow lights as my young brain thought they look like fireworks.

So what do you think? Was it a UFO? Or a perfectly reasonable logical explanation.

Now I want you to share any paranormal/weird/strange encounter? Have you ever seen a UFO? Or perhaps Bigfoot? Share in the comments down below your paranormal tales.

What do you think?

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Halloween Special | The Paranormal Tales

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