Good morning everyone, how have you all been? How was your week? I thought I would give you a quick update off my week – nothing exciting may I add. Just a sprain ankle and a burnt tongue.

However, I’m sure you are all nosy enough to at least know what I get up to in the week.  Think of as page from my diary, well if I actually wrote a diary.

Monday: Woke up with a sore throat, felt convinced I was coming down with a cold. Yup feeling like Autumn is finally here – thanks god. After drinking about 2 pint of water my sore throat wasn’t clearing. This can’t be a good sign. I stayed in for most of the day because of it. However I did venture out quickly to buy some hot chocolate from Costa, I was craving it and it was such a contrast to how that previous week I was drinking creamy frappa. Anyway brought the hot chocolate drink back and took a sip – only to burn my bloody tongue. “Ahhh it too hot” I shrieked, my husband response was ”what did you expect?”. Ok true and it was pretty dumb off me not to expect it to be hot, it just took me by surprise. But my gosh I did really burn my tongue on that first sip, it devour all my tongue senses and left it feeling rather numb. However despite me burning my tongue, I think the hot chocolate did the tick with my sore throat. Spent the rest of the day watching netflix while working on my laptop and made the most of a lazy Monday.  I totally love Monday.

Tuesday & Wednesday: I received phone calls from a few new clients so spent most of those two day on the phone or emailing, or writing proposal. Very exciting and it always nice to have new business coming in. So those two days was spent at my desk – which soooo badly need a clear up. *Must clear up my desk very soon before it over flow with too much junk*. My tongue still hurt and felt numb – damn that was some rather hot chocolate. I complained to my husband, his solution was to get an ice cube and it did the trick but it didn’t help that sore throat that was still festering.

Thursday: I had an argument with a lady at Aldi.  My god Aldi is the worst food shop ever in the UK, every time I go I in there it make my blood boil. Ok I went in to buy some water and chocolate cause you know every girl need those essential in their day. This store put their water bottle on the checkout counter so the only way to reach and to grab a bottle was by leaning over someone shopping while they are queuing up – off course people going to think you’re queue jumping. Yup this women thought I was queue jumping and went raging mad at me – calm down lady. So embarrassing but I calmly told her I just wanted a bottle a water and wasn’t queue jumping, by that point everyone is looking at me. But she wasn’t having it – I thought sod this and I thought I get that damn bottle of water at a newsagent so I started to walk out. She hissed at me while walking out, ”don’t come back”, don’t worry love I don’t want too in a million years.

Friday: I would say uneventful, spent the day working at a client office. But on the plus side, my new phone got delivered. Woohoo. My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy s5 so I opted for an upgrade to the Samsung galaxy s7. I always been really disappointed with the S5 camera (it’s terrible quality – especially when compared to a Sony phone) so my main aim was to get a phone with a better camera. Round lunch time I somehow managed to sprain my ankle, don’t quite know I did that. I remember I had pin & needle after sitting crossed legged for a period of time, I went to move and put my foot down and I heard a crunch. Bloody hell I wasn’t expecting that. Even my friend in the office heard it and asked if I was ok. I could still walk and wiggle my toes so I don’t think any real damage been done. But I can feel the sprain as I walk.  Spent that evening playing on my new phone and having ice wrapped round my ankle. You can tell I know how to live it up don’t you.

So yeah that was my week, how was your week?